Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Finger lickin' good

First off I’ll answer Cadmunkeys question/comment on my last post asking about the standard of play at Full Tilts’s $11 sngs.So far I’ve found that much like the $5 sng’s the standard can vary greatly from game to game.Some games seems to be full of loose goose gambling sorts and in others nobody is over 20% of flops seen.There are more tighter games than loose games and one aspect I’ve noticed is that there are a lot less hands go to showdown at $11 level.As mentioned previously I use Sharkscope to tag the villains at the start of sng’s and while I may miss some of the action doing this I feel it’s well worth it.

Enjoyed visting the s-man the other night.We managed to make the money in a couple of $5 sng’s on his account before I drove home in yet more of the driving rain and wind that has been the hallmark of December so far.I played Laddys late night crapshoot ( $10, 3.5kgtd) and was card dead for most of it.I raised and stole from UTG with AJ soooted and a few hand later with blinds at 300/600 I pushed from the small blind with K4 when it had folded to me and was beaten by a call from Mr 910 who hit the board.

Last night I decided to treat Mrs A to dinner in a top dining establishment…then changed my mind and took her for a KFC :-) We watched United ’93 on Sky when we got back and I have to say I found it heavy going and very harrowing.We watched Hostel a while back and I found it more funny than scary but watching United ’93 and knowing it was based on real events made it seem almost too close to the bone and a far more emotional experience.

Mrs A wanted a go on my old PS2 eye toy game so I set that up for her then sneaked the laptop on for some pokery fun.I started with an $11 turbo and got lucky twice then unlucky twice so no complaints.My first piece of luck was when I reraised a loose goose player with my A8 and won an all in race with AK when an 8 hit.I’d been card dead and this was my first bet and I hoped I’d either get him to fold or that my Ace rag would be ahead of his KJ/k10 type hand.I may have been slightly frustrated because I’d folded a few Ace rag hands which would have won but it was a fishy call.For my second suckout I hit a flush but at least that time I was the one applying the pressure point with a large postflop bet.I got heads up and then suffered a couple of nasty suckouts to finish second but I’ve got no complaints.

I was very tired after this and decided on a quick $1 turbo which I was going to play fast and loose.I was determined beforehand to be raising most pots and to play the table maniac for a change but I won two big pots almost right away and just couldn’t help tightening up and trying my best to get ITM.I finished 3rd in that one and hit the sack.

Ok it's Half-life 2 night tonight and I've got the Rangers game at Ibrox tomorrow night.Back Friday or Sat....


At Thursday, 14 December, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for that acornman.
I played a few $5 sngs a while back on FTP and they seemed extremely tight for that size buyin. So I actually gave up on them and went off searching for more profitable ventures as Im not sure if its EV+ sitting down at such games.
Anyway, I hope you continue taking down the fishier games!

At Thursday, 14 December, 2006, Blogger Littleacornman said...

No probs Cadmunkey.I played a couple of $10 turbos at Pokerroom last night and noticed the games were a lot looser than FTP.Judging by my graph and experience FTP games are beatable but strategy has to be adjusted.
Good luck!


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