Saturday, December 23, 2006

Wee boost

Well I wasn't planning on a post today, but I had a decent night at the tables last night, and this blog has been so full of moans and hard luck tales recently, that it was too hard to resist posting.

I started the night by playing a $10 standard speed sng at Ladbrokes with S-man and won that, before moving to Full Tilt and winning a $5 turbo.I came 3rd in the next one and bombed out of a couple after that.The s-man headed off, and I hit up the Laddys 6 max cash tables.I've mentioned the loose wild tables on Laddys after midnight at weekends before, and last night was no exception.I did start out at a $100 nl table, but didn't catch any cards and the $75 ( yes $75!) average pot put me off my game a little.

I opened a $50nl 6 max table with a $28 average pot and soon sat down at another too.( $25 ave).I got off the mark (2h2s) after calling a $2.19 bet from Mr 85% vpip along with two others.I was out of position and when the flop came As Qc 2c I bet out about half the pot.Mr 85% was very loose and aggressive and my bet was the kind of weak lead bet that was designed to prompt a raise.I got one caller first, before Mr 85% raised to $18.52.I didn't mess about and reraised to $32,got a call and a reraise all in, which I called.The turn was a 10s, and when the river was a 3c, I was sure someone had hit their flush, but the pot came my way ( the villians hands were mucked)to my great relief.

I then flopped a straight with QJ but ended up splitting a huge pot with another villian with the same hand.

I'd been the tightest at the table but I was also mixing it up a bit with the occasional steal from late positon when checked to me.I called a min $1 raise from the big stack with 6h 8c because he'd made it cheap to do so, and he also seemed the type of villian that couldn't lay a hand down if he was beaten.The flop came a 9 5 K rainbow.I bet out $1.50 with my gutshot ,hoping to slow down ( I didn't expect to take pot with that bet)the preflop raiser if he didn't have a King.He raised to $4.49 and I was left with a tough decision.

I called and a beautiful 7 hit on the turn,the villian bet out $32.As I had the nuts and there was no danger on the board I flat called.After the river card I was tempted to check and try and get him to commit but decided that with a pot that size I would probably get called anyway if I went in for my last $19.40.He did call and the $113 pot slid my way.

I've had a bit of a cough all week and was feeling a little stuffed up and woolly headed by 3.30am so I hit the sack.

The S-man is looking after his wee ones tonight as his Missus is working so we're heading down there for a sesh.I'm really looking forward to seeing my friends and it should be a great night.( nae poker though or Mrs A may just behead me)

A winning night,Rangers just beat Aberdeen 2-1,seeing friends tonight and Xmas just round the corner.So long as man flu ( men get flu,women get colds as we all know!)stays away it's gonna be a good one!

Ok,time to walk Nacho and maybe play a wee tourney...


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