Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Pat n Mic

Still suffering from man flu so I've called into work and secured the next 3 days off on the sick.( pat n mic) S-man and Miami Mark are coming over tonight to watch the Gers game v Inverness.Roll on.

Xmas was great in the Acorn house apart from all the sneezing.Step A ( aside from asking "is it new or second hand?") loves her PC and new hamster and has been happily playing Sims games with her friends,Mrs A has been chilling out to the tunes on her MP3 player and I have been ( take a guess!)playing the occasional game poker.

I had been trying to stick to freerolls and lucky dollar games because I've not been feeling well or getting a decent sleep but occasional adventures back to the cash tables and $5 sng's have gone quite well.I won a $5 ( 5 player) turbo at Pokerroom last night where the standard was so poor I reckon Step A would have given the villians a run for their money.I tilted one poor fish after forcing him to fold when I check raised the flop with my K5 big blind special on a K high board.Check raising seems to work best with a marginal hand rather than a monster.He called an all in with 25off in the very next hand.

I would hope I use at least level 3 thinking on most of my hands but when playing against total muppets overthinking is not the answer.In one hand last night in the $5 shorthanded turbo the flop came 8 8 4 with 2 diamonds and after calling a preflop raise I led out with a slight overbet of the pot( with nothing).I could almost hear the fish thinking to himself "shit,I don't have an 8,time to make an amazing laydown" whereas a better player would be more suspicious.Maybe I just read too much into the game!

I may do, but there's no doubt that adjustment needs to be made depending on the site/buy-in/table.There would be no point in playing squeaky tight to build a tight image in preparation for stealing blinds later when nobody is paying an attention.

I generally have no interest in learning other poker games however I did play a 5 card draw ( NL) freeroll at Pokerroom and enjoyed the experience.I missed a lot of it helping Step A with her wireless connection and didn't finish near the money.Made a pleasant change though I can't see me straying far from nl holdem in the future.

Ok,that's all for today.Expect infrequent posts until Jan!

Btw, What do you call an insect that has forgotten the words?"
"A humbug."

Oh and for anyone who stumbled here looking for information on the new Techwood 3711 lcd tv they got for Xmas...mine is great but seems to take forever to switch on.I'd be interested in others opinions on the tv too....


At Thursday, 28 December, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We lost :-(

Hope you are feeling better

At Friday, 29 December, 2006, Blogger littleacornman said...

Yeah,very poor performance :-(

The flu is lifting though thankfully...

At Tuesday, 02 January, 2007, Anonymous Red or Dead said...

In your Lanarkshire slums,
You rake in the dustbins for something to drink,
You walk out in y-fronts you know you're a tink,
In your Lanarkshire slums.

Walk on, walk on, with steel in your hearts, and you'll never get a job, you'll never get a job, Ra'enscraig, sign on, with hope in your hearts...

Username: weegie
Password: unemployed
Question: What is your ambition?
Answer: To be underemployed.
What is your mother's maiden name? Ferguson
What is wife's name? Ferguson
What is your second cousin's name? Ferguson
Are you inbred and hooked on Carling? Yes
Who is your idol? Barry
Who do stick pins in every night? Le Guen
Where do you think you will finish in the UEFA Cup next season? First round without Barry.
What is the first thing you do every morning? Kiss the badge curse the o'pope and open a can of carling.

It's a midden.



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