Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sat Update

I didn't post yesterday because I've noticed my blog becoming a bit tedious recently with lots of boring stats posts.I suppose I like to use the previous nights results as a starting point and then try and expand a little but sometimes it feels like it's all been written before and there aint much to expand upon.

Since I began playing I've always wanted to make decent money at this game.$4k per month instead of per year would be ideal but even averaging $30 per day profit would be an improvement.I hope I've ridden out the horrendous luck that sucked the life out of my game between September and the end of December.It was that bad run which prompted me to give the world of sng's a proper try and so far so good.

I've always had problems being confident that I'm actually a decent player and not just someone who waits on donks making huge errors.Posts about how Sharkscope says I'm a shark ( for one day only at least ) are not to try and be boastful and arrogant but more a reminder to myself that I can actually play this game.Something to fall back on in a situation like last night where I bubbled twice at Full Tilt,crashed out in 8th and only managed a 3rd place finish.

I moved to Pokerstars where I'd previously built a forgotten $15 to $99 before losing a $15 sng to leave my balance at $84.I don't include my Stars balance as part of my bankroll and I'm using it to take a shot.Being a tight conservative git, my idea of taking a risk is playing $15 turbos on an $84 roll.I did register for a couple of $25 turbos after coming 3rd in the only one I've played at Stars on Jan 4th.I quickly unregistered after Sharkscope told me most of the other competitors were huge sharks.

Having said that, my poker confidence was further boosted by winning two and coming 2nd in another $15 sng especially as I beat ( according to Sharky) a few sharks to get there.A 6th and a 7th after getting my money in as favourite and losing brought me back down to earth a little and after that I headed to the cash tables where I broke exactly even after about an hour of two tabling $50 and $100 nl 6 max.

I've only played 442 sit n goes in total and have made $623 in profit.I do feel though that I've learned an awful lot and that so long as I remain confident in my game then I can keep playing and profiting at $11-$15 level with a view to giving $22-$33 games a real go one day in the not too distant future.I'm trying out 2 tabling these turbo's more often and trying to get used to that.It's a little different from 2 tabling full ring or 6 max and I'm still working out the best time to jump into the second game.( Miami Mark reckons when the big blind hits 100 chips). It's not an easy balancing act because although I play uber tight during the early and mid stages,I will often become an ultra aggressive blind stealing push monkey later and I need to pay attention to know who I can steal from.

Ok,thanks for reading....


At Sunday, 07 January, 2007, Blogger mftpg said...

Hey Acornman, sounds like you are doing just fine at those SNGs, they can really be horrible at times - so many -$ev calls on the bubble.

Have you seen Ireguys 2+2 post on variance?

Anyhow, still enjoying your blog - keep up the good work!

Cheers, Mark

At Sunday, 07 January, 2007, Blogger Juice said...

the stats dont lie my friend.

At Sunday, 07 January, 2007, Blogger littleacornman said...

Thanks Mark.Interesting link btw.Reminded me that I've still a load to read and learn when it comes to sng's.

Very true!


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