Sunday, December 31, 2006

Funny wee night

I wasn't going to post today but Rosie the Rottie came 3rd in Laddys $5k gtd for a $760 score so that seemed liked a good excuse to ramble here once again! Congrats on yet another MTT cash.

Meantime I'd played four $10 turbo sng's at Pokerroom and had no joy at all.Getting my money in ahead in all four games was no consolation.It does seem even clearer to me though that Pokerroom in general attracts fishier players than Full Tilt.

After railing Rosies FT success I played a $10 turbo at FT and scraped 3rd after the s-man bubbled when his AK sooted was sucked out on by QK.Back to Pokerroom for one last $10 sng and I managed 3rd again in that one.There has been some chat in blogland recently about how turbo's are just luckfests.I was messing about with sharky and checking out leaderboards etc and it seems there are quite a few top players ( Johnny Bax and Huck Seed for starters) who seem to play mostly turbos and I doubt these guys would play them if they felt these games were just down to plain old luck.

My style for the turbos is simple.Uber uber tight ( usually tightest at table) but very aggressive with decent pocket pairs and AK.I'll play lower pairs and hands like J10 sooted from late position and almost always either raise or fold.I reckon that style would allow me to two table ( or three) $10 sng's but I'm not sure how long into the first one I should be before starting the next one.It's nice to have a few reads,win a pot and have full sharky stats on the table but so far I haven't tried more than one at a time.Perhaps I should play a few hundred at $11 before I think of Multi-tabling.

Anyway after my last sng I was looking for a juicy cash game but there were none at Laddys or Pokerroom.About a week ago I downloaded Pokerstars software to register for a US blogger tourney.I'd not played on 'Stars for a long time and was surprised to see I had $15 there.The tourney cost $20 ( ended up being cancelled due to lack of numbers on the 25th for some reason!) and I'd hit the cash tables and built it to $32 so last night I took $30 to a $50nl table, went on a wee rush and left with $99...which was nice.I'm not counting that as part of my bankroll though and have no idea where I'll fritter it away yet.

Night out tonight followed by the biggest darts match in history tomorrow night when Phil Taylor ( 13 time world champion) plays Raymond Barneveld in the PDC final.Darts was split about 15 years ago into two organisatons and two world championships but Barney moved over to the PDC in February and he's not met Taylor in a final since.Should be a cracker and I'm tipping Phil "The Power" Taylor to win an amazing 14th World crown.We shall see.

Have a Happy New Year...


At Monday, 01 January, 2007, Blogger Rosie said...

Thanks for your generous mention, Acorn. I owe it all to my fans, clearly... :0)

What you say about turbos *almost* tempts me, but being fishslapped by people with enough time to make the correct decision hurts enough, thanks, without putting myself more in the lap of the poker gods.

Hope you and the Acorn ladies had a happy hogmanay

At Monday, 01 January, 2007, Blogger littleacornman said...

No probs,you played a fine game!

You should give the turbos a go.They can be very juicy.

Hope you and the wee man had a great one too.Catch you soon.

At Tuesday, 02 January, 2007, Anonymous 1st Rule said...

hey Littleacornman, just wanted to wish everyone out there a

At Tuesday, 02 January, 2007, Blogger littleacornman said...

Happy New Year to you 1st rule.

Thanks for the link btw.I'll add yours shortly.Good luck with your blog and at the tables.


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