Monday, January 22, 2007

Sit n Go slow

On Sunday afternoon I watched Rangers beat Dunfermline and Arsenal beat Man Utd before enjoying a fine Sunday roast and hitting the tables with Miami Mark.We played at ‘Stars and I had a tough time of it at the turbo’s and must have played 6 or 7 without making the money at $15+$1 level.I wasn’t too down as most of the time I’d been card dead and I’d managed to chip up without ever winning the kind of pot that would have given me a nice comfort zone to work with.Steals and resteals may have increased my stack but were not enough to get me past the bubble sadly.

The good news is that I managed to stop the rot and win one ( $67 for 1st) and I believe the key to Sng success is being able to get over the finish line and win as many as possible as this is the only way to get through the barren games that are unavoidable at times.That is probably stating the bleeding obvious but anyone with a problem closing out games isn’t going to be profitable.

Last night seemed a bit topsy-turvy because every time I got my money in as favourite I seemed to lose, yet in the game I won, I sucked out a few times and even finished off the villain heads up with my A5 beating his A10.I did bubble in my final game however and I reckon my wee Shark fin has gone forever after 40 games at ‘Stars.

I’m still not including my Stars roll in my overall bankroll ( just aswell after yesterday) and I’ll continue to play fairly fast and loose with it until it’s gone or I’m a multi multi zillionaire.( and the smart money aint on the latter option)

Ok,here's a few funnies from the paper to brighten up this Monday evening....

Third-party claims
FURTHER proof that life in America can just be a little bit different. A couple who moved over to New York State were delighted when their six-year-old son was invited to a birthday party by one of the kids in his class. They were just a little bit surprised that the invitation included an accident waiver which they had to agree to sign in advance.

Time's money
STANDING in the shocking weather behind someone taking unduly long at a bank machine can be a bit of a frustration, especially as the uses of said machines have grown from the original, tap in four numbers and get a tenner. So we can understand, but not condone, the chap in such a queue who shouted to the person at the front: "You do know that's not a word processor? What are you doing? Writing a novel?"

Geoff Peart draws our attention to the appositely named manager in charge of dealing with complaints from the public at Passenger Focus, the new name for the Rail Passengers Council. It is Ashley Grumble.
only good "for washing the shoes, sir" and brought the couple an alternative.

Fellowship of the ring
THE story of football supporters who wanted to sleep, reminds Tom O'Hagan of his dad going to a boxing match in Glasgow where the two heavyweights were putting so little effort into the contest that they were doing no more than hanging their arms around each other's necks. This proved too much for one fan who shouted: "Pit the lights oot! This perr want to be alone."

At which a fellow frustrated fan shouted: "Naw, leave them on! I'm trying to read the paper."


At Tuesday, 23 January, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some funny stuff there lol

Another win for Rangers yipeee. I was hoping that an upturn in my second favourite teams fortune would coincide with an upturn in my favourite teams fortunes if you know what I mean :-)

But it wasn't to be. Nevermind, you can't have everything can you :-)

Good luck at the tables

At Tuesday, 23 January, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

We won without playing well which is suppose is better than doing the same and losing.( like the rest of the season)

I'm sorry to see Leeds struggling so badly this season.I remember your support singing "We're Leeds and we're proud of it" so loudly it made the hairs on my neck stand up.

I hope Wise turns things round for you.( even with monkeyboy thomson in the team!)

Good luck to you too!


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