Sunday, January 21, 2007

Why does it always rain on me?

My post title seems to be the eternal question asked by poker players who are not on a major rush.All we can do is get our money in as favourite and the rest is down to variance and the poker gods.Turbo sng's seem to be a decent way of building up some kind of tolerance to the beats simply because they come round so quickly I'd drown in a sea of poker despair if I dwelled on them.

I began last night at Inter pokers $4k gtd and came 95th when my QQ fell to AK.A 6th and 2nd place in $11 turbos at FT followed before it was off to 'Stars to tackle some $15 turbos.I played seven there and only made the money twice after some poor play and a couple of the usual nasty beats.I'm not sure why but most of the turbos I played last night seemed to be squeaky tight which reduces the edge available.

Looking for multi-tablers and exploiting them by stealing their blinds more aswell as using Sharkscope to the full helped too.I'm also stepping up my play at times by making the occasional resteal and executing more squeeze plays.There's no point in trying to fancy play my opponents to death but when the whole table is tight and seemingly relying on playing decent hands then the occasional move to try and chip up is vital.A large part of the above is down to timing and betting more on what the villians don't have in their hand rather than what hand I'm holding.That is especially true when making a steal when it's folded round to me in late position.My tight table image helps too in those situations.

After my sng fun I hit a Pokerstars cash table ($50 nl) and played two big hands.I called a $2 raise from a loose player with QdJd from the button.Most 4bb raises at this table were attracting 3-4 callers but I didn't plan on continuing in the hand unless I hit the flop very hard indeed.It came Jh Qh 7h and it was checked round to me.I bet just over the pot and to cut long story short got shafted by Mr 3h6h who took my stack.I obviously considered the 120-1 flopped flush when I got reraised all in but decided I'd simply have to pay it off if he had it.I'm not sure that was wise!

I got a little revenge not long later when my 22 made a set ,again on an all hearts flop of Kh Qh 2h and I bet out and faced a raise.It wasn't long later and the table had seen me rebuy so I hoped the villian would think I was tilting and I overbet for value ( copyright Fuel55)and he insta-called with his K Q for 2 pairs.My set held up and I was back nearly even.

Ladrokes was next and I joined a full ring $50 nl table with an average pot of only....$36.I had Ak twice but had to fold after missing the flop, firing a couple of bullets and facing reraises before I picked up 66 and limped in out of position.The flop came 5s 4s 3c and I planned to check raise and try and take it if there was any action so I checked.The big stack who I'm familiar with and I rate as a solid player had overplayed a hand previously and I remember thinking he was maybe a little over confident due to his five times the buy-in stack.He bet $3 into the $3.50 pot but my checkraise to $6 was weak and he obviously sensed that and reraised me to $12.I could hardly put him on 67 for the straight when I held a 6 and reckoned he was more likely to be drawing to the flush or have a hand like A5.A higher pair like 88-1010 also worried me and instead of pressing I called and I also called his $13 bet on the turn after a seemingly harmless Jd fell.We both checked after an Ah on the river and his Jh3h took the money.

Ok,onwards and upwards...


At Monday, 22 January, 2007, Blogger Mark said...

Your an evil man Acorn... got this damn Travis song stuck in my head on infinite repeat!!!

(actually quite like it - but thats not the point!)

Cheers, Mark

At Monday, 22 January, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Hehe,Sorry bout that!


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