Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sat Update

Thursday night at the tables was a bit lame.I bubbled an $11 turbo at FT,blew out of a $15 turbo at 'Stars and came poor 8th in a token race at FT.The 'Stars loss annoyed me as I'm having fun trying to retain my shark status on Sharkscope at 'Stars and that loss meant I lost my fin!( I did get it back after Friday night!) I did at least go to bed at 12.15am which for me is a very early night so I felt much fresher yesterday.

Jacks were cursed for me last night at the virtual felt.First my JJ fell to 44,followed by my QQ getting mugged by JJ,followed by JJ holding up v my AQ soooted.( that last one was a horrific bad beat eh!)

My luck seemed to change for the night after I made a terrible mistake and got lucky.I'd just let the dog out and had rushed back to my seat after a large herbal refreshment, when I see I have KQ and have been set all in by a fairly fishy player.I didn't put the villian on JJ-AA and decided to make a loose call and hope I was only slightly behind a low pair.I try and remain patient but had been card dead in this particular turbo.Anyway just as I hit the call button, I took a closer look and realised I must have been hallucinating as I only had K9!I rivered a 9 to win the hand and quietly accepeted the chat abuse that came my way.

I came 2nd in that one and another before winning the next one and coming 7th in my last FT sng.My luck wasn't all good and I suffered a beat in my first 'Stars $15 turbo of the night ( 8th) before going on to take 2nd in the next one and 1st in my last sng of the night.

There are some good players at 'Stars but in general the games seem looser and fishier than at Full Tilt.The Neteller debacle is worrying though and I hope 'Stars and FT manage to find a solution for the US players as I'd hate think that the fishy ones will be denied the chance to keep boosting my roll.

I finished my night by winning a few Dollars two tabling $50nl at Ladbrokes before having an early night and going to bed around 4.30am.

Mrs A is working a little tonight then off out for drinks so I'm going to hit the tables later.I had forgotten I had $7 left at Interpoker until I got an email offering me $10 for one raked hand played.I managed 3/4 of a raked hand before busting, but I did notice I still had over 700 player points, so I reckon I'll play the $4k gtd pp mtt at 8.30pm.

Back soon...


At Sunday, 21 January, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you fancy a inter sng some time let me know as i got an email from them saying i had 100 dollars there. They said that as my account was dormant they would be deducting $2 every month until there was none left or i came back! Harsh eh. AND i cant withdraw it because they wont let me!


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