Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ticking over

I said I’d be happy making $30 per day profit at the tables and that’s exactly how much I made on Sunday and again on Monday from the $11 turbo sng’s at Full Tilt.I’ve only played maybe 3-4 games on both nights and I need to be careful I don’t let tiredness and fatique affect my game.I was up until after 5am on both Friday and Saturday night and have hit the sack around 1am over the last couple of nights.I’m on flexi-time, usually get up about 8.40am and start at 10am but I can feel it starting to catch up on me and maybe a few earlier nights are required.I should probably grab an hours sleep around 8pm when I’m feeling the most tired because around 11ish the nightowl in me kicks in and I could stay up all night.

Not much else going on this week.I may try and follow Miami Mark and use my Full Tilt player points to qualify for a bigger tourney.He did well to win an 18 player turbo and then qualify from another mtt to finally gain entry into a $450k gtd mtt.I also still have a $24+$2 ticket waiting to be used up.I may have to wait a while to though as I want to get the best value I can for it and Full Tilts Sunday night $35k gtd begins at 3am UK time.Either that or I try and win a $75 ticket with it.I was put off by the fact there doesn’t seem to be any great leap in prizes at $75 tourney level but it looks like the advantage is that there are usually only aprox 400 runners instead of 2500 or more in the big Mtt’s.

A couple of wee points before I go.Any fellow poker bloggers reading this will ,I’m sure, know all the poker jargon and lingo out there.I’m never quite sure what level to pitch my posts at sometimes.I suppose I’m just going to keep assuming that most folks reading know what it means to raise the bb whilst UTG in an mtt but if anyone does ever want the plain English version ( I was first to act and raised to steal the big blind bet in a multi table tourney) just give me a shout.Like the company I work for it’s easy to assume everyone knows every acronym and slang term.Likewise I’m not into political correctness in any way but unless I know for sure when writing up a hand, I will assume the villian is male.Just keeps it simple.

Ok, Thanks for reading todays exciting post…..


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