Sunday, February 18, 2007

Pick n Mix + Stats

I started my poker night last night ( inspired after reading Gcox's post) by winning a $24+$2 token at a FT $8.70 turbo sat.As usual the play was generally terrible and watching guys with huge stacks still pounding pots when the top 5 paid the ticket and they were almost guaranteed a seat was rather amusing.No plans for the ticket yet.I'd love to play in one of the US blogger games and test myself against some fine players but the 2-3am start times just don't work for me.

In no particular order I then won an $11 turbo at Full Tilt ,won $20 at Juices cash table with the hammer after raising it up preflop and hitting two lovely sevens on the flop,blew most of that at a 6 max $50 nl table and then decided to enter a Laddys 5 card draw $2 Pot Limit Turbo mtt with 22 players.

Yes this holdem only blogger who has no interest in omaha,razz or even fixed limit holdem ,spent 1 hour 15 mins playing a $2 5 card draw tourney.I've dabbled before at nl 5 card draw cash tables on 'Stars but never with any great success.I was chip leader for ages after everyone at the table went all in ( pot raise after pot raise) and my preflop trip sevens made the biggest boat and I knocked 'em all out.Once I'd stopped laughing I lasted another hour before going out.I also managed to crash out of Laddys late night crapshoot without ever really building my chipstack.

I headed back to Pokerstars and managed 2nd in another 18 player $15 turbo for a nice wee profit.I could complain that my A8 was miles ahead of the villians k8 before he flopped two Kings on the last hand when we both had even stacks but the truth is I got lucky against the same villian just on the bubble when my AJ made a straight v his AA so poker justice was probably done in the end.

I do at least have the temporary ( only 79 game sample) pleasure of having earned a wee shark fin next to my name ( zagga at 'Stars) according to Sharkscope.The problem is I rather like my wee fin and don't want to risk losing it by playing any more games at Stars!

I'm still keeping the roll I've built at 'Stars apart from my main poker bankroll that way if I bust it out I wont be too annoyed at myself.If it keeps heading in the right direction that may change.

I'm not long back from Ibrox where Rangers beat Falkirk 2-1 with goals from Boyd and Ferguson.I'm looking forward to Thursdays return Uefa Cup game.We are 2-1 down from the 1st leg and will hopefully do enough to make the next round.

Ok to the stats and it's been three weeks ( Jan 28th since last update).
Ladbrokes $1305, Pokerroom $861,Party $381 and Full Tilt $1020.Total $3567 ( + $359 since Jan 28th).

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