Thursday, February 15, 2007

Say Hello..

First up, thanks to all the commenters on my last post.I've added Marks Poker Pains to my blogroll and a couple of others too.Please,check 'em out,say hello and add 'em to your blogroll if you like 'em.I've also removed a few "dead" blogs and as ever if I've removed yours and you make a comeback please let me know.

I watched Rangers go down 2-1 in Israel last night in the first leg of our Uefa tie.Poor game but not the worst result hopefully we can do them next Thursday at Ibrox.

Not a lot going on over the last couple of nights at the tables as I’ve played very little poker. A complete break may have been better as I could feel myself getting overly emotional after a couple of bubble exits at FT $11 turbos.Miami Mark calling my Ducks ( 22) with his A9 to knock me out annoyed me more than it should have.

Last night I built a decent lead at my table after my AK beat AQ and A10 on an Ace high flop ,and I was licking my lips after sharkying and noting almost the whole table was fishy.Unfortunately I was completely card dead after that, and fishy calling stations are not the easiest to steal from.Give me a shark anyday! When I did raise all in on a steal with my 53o/s against the tightest player left ,he did at least think about it for nearly 30 seconds before calling with his powerhouse kq and knocking me out.

I did at least behave myself and went to bed at 12.25am ,straight after that game.Mrs A was working and came home in a stonking mood.She works at the local Chinese takeaway and was dealing with people complaining they got prawn crackers when they didn’t order any and other such life changing disasters.Being a couple of cynics we had decided on no valentines presents although being the old romantic I am ,I did hide a load of her favourite chocolates all over the house.

Just back after dinner at Mother and Father Acorns place.Mrs A was working so it was just Step A ,Nacho and me.I've now got my Mum playing $5+$1 sng's at Party after I persuaded her to give the sng's a try.So far she's up and doing well.One day I'll persuade her to come to the Wabash club in Glasgow for a proper live game but I don't think it'll be any day soon!

Ok, to the poker...

The tale of the chap banging on the garage door and wondering why his wife was taking so long to answer, reminds Donald Bathgate of the chap swaying under the influence in his front garden path clutching his front door key. When asked by a passing police officer if he needed a hand, he replied: "Naw Jimmy it's a' right - the hoose was here a minute ago but nae fear it'll come back roon again."

Alas , the Year of the Pig reminds us of the classic pig joke about the chap passing a farm who spots a pig with an artificial leg. Curious, he asks the farmer about it, and the farmer tells him: "It's a really special pig. The farmhouse was on fire and my family's lives were saved by the squealing of the pig who woke us up.""But why the artificial leg?" the chap insisted. "Was he injured in the fire?""No," said the farmer. "But with a special pig like that, you're not going to eat him all at once."

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