Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wee update

I finished off playing with others peoples money by coming 2nd in a $6 turbo sng at Full Tilt on the s-mans account , when he was over last night.After he left I hooked up with Rosie the rottie,Juice and Mr Edge for a couple of wee sng’s at Laddys.Only $5 ,normal speed which nearly sent me to sleep and I never made the money in either.

I missed registering for the late night crapshoot ( $10,$3k gtd mtt) by 10 seconds and headed to the cash tables for a quick session before bed.I’d just finished telling Juice how great the $50nl laddys tables are, when I got scudded for half a buy in! I wasn’t too bothered at all because I’d played the hand well enough.I had J4 in the bb and the flop came J 4 6.The villain only had half a buy in and was all in with AJ before we saw a blank turn and a 6 on the river.Damn I hate getting beaten by the board pairing like that on the river.Always takes me a second or so to spot why the chips aint coming my way.

Hit the sack after that and it’s football tonight and hopefully the cinema tomorrow night.Back in a few days.

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