Saturday, March 03, 2007

Welcome Home

I've gotta start by saying it's great to see The Blogfather back at his old home and firing out his speciality Uber posts again.Bonus code Iggy on Party poker,damnit!

My next piece of news is that my wee cousin ( well he's 25) and I are off to Amsterdam on the 20th for four nights.I've been about 7 or 8 times before and we're staying at the same hotel I stayed in last time, which is only a few minutes from Central station.This will be my cousins first visit and I'm looking forward to taking him on a tour of my favourite coffee shops.I'll be bringing the cards for some HU holdem with my cousin although I plan to try and learn the rules of Chinese poker so we can do the Dam trip Dr Pauly and Change 100 style.

I didn't play too much poker on Wednesday night and on Thursday night Mrs A and I watched Saw 3.It was excellent and better than Saw 2 which was probably the weakest of the lot.Let's play a game...

Last night I went out for a few beers straight from work at 3.30 ( flexi is great) with a few workmates.We headed out to The Primary pub in the westend and sunk a few before I headed home slightly pished at about 8-ish.I'm much more of a smoker than a drinker but it was good to sink a few jars and chew the fat.

Mrs A had friends in, so I joined the S-man and Miami Mark and hit the tables when I got back.I wasn't sure my judgement would be any good and that was confirmed when I flopped a Heart flush,made a big bet,got one caller I put on the Ace of Hearts and then called his reraise when another heart fell on the turn.The "Awfuckits" struck again!

Played a few turbo sng's with no joy before winning a wee $6 ,18 player at 'Stars.The S-man went off to bed and Miami Mark left too so I did the logical thing for someone who could hardly focus on the screen and moved to Laddys to seek out drunker ,stoneder players than myself.

I found a $15 ave pot at a $30 buy-in table and won a nice wee pot with this hand to get me started.This wee all in v a shortstack made me wonder if it was going to be one of those nights and I left to try my luck at a $100 6 max table with an average pot at one point of $88.Honestly I'm not makng that up!A couple of the players seemed to be all in for $100 each with hands ranging from K2 preflop to 2 pair v 2 pair post flop.

I was only there for less than 1/2 hour and I didn't mess about when I did hit a hand.The other villain ( who folded after the $16 bet) claimed he had K10 in this hand and possibly I did bet too much, but overbetting for value Fuel55 style was the right move here as the table was so wild.

I'm not sure if I played this hand correctly as I've been trying to mix things up with sets and having been leading on the flop if I hit.The fact the villain had raised preflop and the board was fairly harmless led me to check but I think I should have checked on the turn and tried to induce another bet.My feeling was that if he had the big Ace he represented then hopefully he would reraise and as I'd been tight I didn't think he'd put me on the nut 67.With hindsight I don't think he had an Ace at all and he probably wasn't putting much more in the pot.

I'm nowhere near writing up the strategy post I promised and to be honest although I'm a winner ( $1123 profit) at them over 646 sng's ,I don't have anywhere near enough experience to start telling others how to play 'em.( That probably won't stop me having a go!).

I do have a decent number of first places and one of my wee tricks when Heads up, which seems to be working recently, is to limp and fold to a raise several times against an aggressive ego driven player, and then limp again when I pick up a strong hand.I won't slow play and will push all in over the top when he makes his bet and at the levels I play at most times they seem to call.

I'd love to write more about HU play etc but so much of it is based factors like feel,instinct and how the momentum in the game is going.

Ok, back with a stats update tomorrow....

Oh does anyone know what's happened to Derbywhite and his blog? My Chinese aint so good!

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At Saturday, 03 March, 2007, Blogger Dr. Pauly said...

Have fun in the Dam. Pink Floyd is one of my favorite coffeeshops. Get the "umma gumma".

Abraxis is cool too, just off Dam Square. Have fun.

At Sunday, 04 March, 2007, Blogger littleacornman said...

Cheers,I'll give them a try.Thanks for the tips.Truly smokin'.


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