Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Wall

The Wall is the title of one of my favourite Floyd albums but unfortunately it was also the story of my poker night last night as one hand after another seemed to get sucked out on no matter how much of a favourite I was when the money went in.I blame Miasdad as I'd just read his post about bad beats before mine started!

To be fair many were simply races where I was only a slight favourite but I saw some crackers too including my QQ falling to Mr JJ flopping quads,Aces cracked by AQ and 46 soooted,KK gubbed by KQ ( two queens on flop) and a couple of set over set nightmares.

In between most of these suckouts I was chatting to Mrs A and resisting the urge to say "just give me a minute babe" and then sticking my head out the window to scream at the moon.( before gently closing the window and calmly retaking my seat as though nothing happened!)

I did lose most of my races last night and I do wonder if I was seeking out too many of those situations too early in some of the games I played.Yes my chips went in as favourite on most occasions ( I did run into better hands a couple of times too) and in turbo's chipping up when ahead in the hand is vital ,however I do think I was so disbelieving of how badly my luck was running,that perhaps it was almost a masochistic desire to feel sorry for myself and lose another race just to reinforce my negative feelings.

I must have played about 14 turbo sng's and it was only after a long break from the tables that I managed to grab a couple of 3rd places ( 18 player,top 4 pay at 'Stars) and a second to prevent me from feeling the night was a total disaster in poker terms.

The break was to watch the derby match between Barcelona and Real Madrid from the Nou Camp.It really was El Grande Classico and finished 3-3 after an injury time equaliser by 10 man Barca.I've no real preference for either side but was cheering on Barca due to the prop bet with Mrs A on the outcome.( the draw means I'm off breakfast cooking duty next weekend).

We also watched the superb "Last King of Scotland" on dvd last night and I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quality movie.Some of the lines were great though with Mrs A being a redhead ( no hair,just a red head...!) she wasn't too impressed with "Idi Amin's" view on gingers.hehe.

I played some cash ( down $20) at Laddys before finally crashing out around 6am so it's going to be struggle to stay up for the blogger freeroll tonight at 12am on Full Tilt.I may even try and grab an hours sleep shortly.Yawn!

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At Monday, 12 March, 2007, Anonymous s-man said...

yer want to try suckout city on party - amazes me every time.

'Miami Trout' - classic. Think we need to start using that, hehe

At Monday, 12 March, 2007, Blogger MiasDaddy said...

so it's not just the missus that blames me for everything!

At Monday, 12 March, 2007, Blogger littleacornman said...

Just one of dem nights s-man.At least I know who to blame.( see comment below yours!!)


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