Friday, March 16, 2007

Fri Update

Being the brave blogging martyr that I am, man flu will not prevent me updating my poker exploits.Not much to report really as I’ve sensibly not played very much.Money not lost is money saved in this case as the games I did play were fairly half-hearted efforts.I did play one $15 turbo last night and instead of my usual raise or fold game I was tempted into limping more often and calling raises which is not my usual style and didn't work very well.

I have mainly stuck to $6 sngs with only a wee 3rd place in an 18 player game to show for the few I’ve played.I did win my first table at a $2.20 Sunday Mill triple turbo shootout but I managed to blow it heads-up in the second when I slow played my flopped J9 on a J 9 4 board,only to allow the villains J10 to hit a 10 on the river to knock me out.

Mrs A is working tonight so I'll be hitting the tables later for some donkery.I'm off to the Gers game on Sat and on Sunday Mrs A ,Step A and I are heading to my parents for dinner as it's Mothers day and also Mrs A's birthday on Tues.I might still be a bit stuffed up with my man flu but at least I'm not back to work until the 26th.( did I mention I was going to the Dam?!)

Ok,I'll save my rant on why I think us motorists should be allowed to attach AK47's to our cars and use them to mow down cyclists who ignore red lights and act as if they've never read a highway code for another time.

I wont harp on either about the inane pathetic training package I completed at work this week on the new age discrimination laws ,which said nobody should even send a birthday card with
a jokey type "You're over the hill" message, as the receiver could be offended and disciplinary action could result.( ok my blood sugar must be low so I damn well will harp on!).

These days taking offence has become a feckin ( better not write "fuckin" incase someone gets fired for reading an inappropriate word at the workplace) national pastime for the weakminded."Ahh but it's all about how a person perceives a comment" ( or birthday card to use the example) they say.Rubbish.Use common sense,get a grip and as we say in Glasgow "Gies peace".

I could go on and on ( oh yes!) but it's time for some dinner and poker.....

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At Saturday, 17 March, 2007, Blogger Juice said...

Ah age discrimination i love it!

Whilst i would say that people should have a thick skin i do think there is a a line between common sense and discrimination which is hard to police.

Take for example a sex discrimination case where a bloke keeps making innuendos at a girl who is clearly uncomfortable and tells him repeatedly that she isnt interested. On the one hand you might say a bit of office flirtation is fine ( and i agree if both people are fine with it) but i think if a person clearly isnt comfortable and they have made it clear then i think it should stop. If you cross the line then i think you deserve to be spoken to.

Im not saying lynch everyone who flirts or everyone who makes un pc remarks but i do think that even making allowances for common sense sometimes people do go too far and some people do deserve to protected and every complaint isnt just bollocks

you will probably hate me for that point of view right?

At Saturday, 17 March, 2007, Blogger littleacornman said...

If you think I'd hate you for that point of view you've missed my point.The scenario you've outlined is exactly where the law should come in and at the very least a warning from a manager be given.( and action taken if it doesn't stop).

My gripe is with threatening action in the case of trivial matters like birthday cards and the apparent outlawing of perfectly legitimate job interview questions on experience in case they offend.

It's the "looking for an opportunity to be offended" attitude that seems so common these days that sickens me and not genuine cases.

Btw I hope your gonna stick a few $$ on 'Stars and play the blogger game.No excuses!!

At Saturday, 17 March, 2007, Blogger Juice said...

To be honest i think the whole old age birthday card scenario has been blown up out of proportion. In order to bring a harrassment claim it has to be unwanted conduct and its not even enough that the alleged victim is offended the test is objective. So the question is would a reasonable person find the conduct offensive. Lots of scope there to argue that the birthday card isnt. And even if it was, the likely compensation at an employment tribunal for injury to feelings would be extremly low and if i were a tribunal chairman id wonder whether the claim was merely vexatious and would be worth making a cost order against the claimant.

I think alot of employers dont really understand the law and so they overreact. The problem i think with all these things is where is the line between what is behaviour we should tolerate and behaviour we should control. It is difficult for employers but i do think that when drawing up policies i think people do need to be aware that they should respect other workers and know where the line is. Some people sadly dont know where it is. The problem is that a completely stand off approach to such matters by employers is almost as bad as a all in contol freak approach. Common sense and the middle ground is necessary. Sadly most employers dont understand which is why their policies seem so perverse.

At Saturday, 17 March, 2007, Blogger littleacornman said...

For once Juice your comment makes a lot of sense :-) You're absolutely spot on mate.


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