Thursday, March 29, 2007

Make mine a Donkey call

We didn't get gubbed 4 or 5 nil by Italy but were beaten 2-0 by the better team so no complaints.Well at least no complaints until I hit the poker tables later on....

I began by bombing out of the Late Night Crapshoot when I called a large overbet all in by a stack slightly bigger than mine.It smelled like a fishy bet but I was never going to be too far ahead of K5 with my 44 and the 5 on the board by the river sealed the deal.

Actually I didn't begin with the Crapshoot at Laddys ( just can't be arsed rewriting that sentence) but at a Party $50 full ring table where I won $30 when a donk couldn't laydown AK ( Ace high) v my QQ.

After the Crapshoot I sat down at a full ring $100nl table and folded 73 off in the big blind on my first hand followed by Kd6d in the small blind to a raise,the bb reraised and I watched the board come all diamonds Ace high and a large pot develop, whilst telling myself that playing Kd6d out of the small blind for a raise and reraise is not good poker. I had been considering a raise to steal the bb if folded to me.

Two hands later and I'm dealt pocket rockets ( two seats from the button) and I start to hope for a raise before it gets to me.Two players limp ( including one guy I've seen around at Laddys and respect as a solid player) and I raise 4 1/2 bb to $4.50 hoping to also have position post flop.No such luck as the ( played every hand of the five I've seen) button calls and the other two limpers called too.

The flop was a rainbow 3 9 10 and I'm still unsure over my postflop bet.I've been reading Phil Gordons "Little Blue Book" and rather than a pot size bet to try and take it down based on the big hands win ( relatively) small pots theory ,I bet $10 into a $21 pot to deny odds to anyone drawing to the straight and to encourage a weaker hand to make a mistake by calling me.With four callers to my initial raise a pot size bet would probably have made more sense.

Only the button called and a 6 fell on the turn filling a possible straight draw if he held exactly 78 but otherwise seeming fairly harmless.I led out for $26 into a $41 pot and was reraised all in leaving me ( I had him out stacked to start with) to call $31 to stay in the hand.Although I simply couldn't see him holding 78 ,my instinct told me I wouldn't get reraised all in unless my Rockets were beaten, however I was getting around 4-1 to call ,and although it was only over five hands, the villian had already seemed fairly loose and willing to bet big. I made the crying call and after a blank river, he showed 66 for a set of sixes to win the hand and leave me pondering where it all went wrong.

I can only assume ( if he's not a total donkey) that he read my post flop bet as weak ( he maybe put me on an AK/AQ/AJ type hand) and that's why he hung around to hit his two outer.Either way I could have saved myself money if I'd listened to my instinct.

I left straight away and headed to a 'Stars $50 nl 6 max cash table to lick my wounds.I then played like a donkey and won $40...which is nice! I'm not going to be too hard on myself because I totally dominated the villain preflop with my AK v his AQ.The flop was a rainbow Q 10 3 and when I made the continuation bet of $4.50 ( I'd raised 5 bb preflop) I faced a reraise to $13 which I called.I checked when an Ace fell on the turn hoping if he had a hand like KQ or a lower pair then I could take the pot with a checkraise.He duly bet out $16 which I raised to $32.He went all in and with only 15 cents to call I wasn't making the laydown!

A beautiful King came on the river and I yelled ship it and went to bed only $15 down overall for the night.It was certainly a little tilty and poorly played but the books say even the best ( and I certainly aint that) suckout sometimes!

I've decided to cheat a little and will be including my 'Stars roll as part of my main bankroll stats from now on.I've built $15 I'd forgotten I had there in January to $349, mostly through turbo sng's and although I planned on using it to "take a shot", my conservative bankroll managment head says I already am taking a shot just by playing $15 turbo's on it.

Dinner soon and then I'm going to try and play some decent poker tonight with no donk calls when I know I'm beaten!

Don't forget to register for the Britbloggerment 2 $5 sng on Stars this Sunday at 9pm BST.Password is donkament! Only six in so far.

Hopefully see you there.....


At Thursday, 29 March, 2007, Blogger MiasDaddy said...

Hey Mr A - I'm probably being very stupid - but I can;t find this on stars - where is it?

Cheers, Mark.

At Thursday, 29 March, 2007, Blogger MiasDaddy said...

yes, I was being stupid. Found it and registered.
See you then.


At Friday, 30 March, 2007, Blogger BurnleyMik said...

Yep! up to eight now! There is nothing worse then when your gut is telling you you are beat, but you are getting the correct odds to call. I hate those situations.

Anyway hope it runs better tonight.



At Friday, 30 March, 2007, Blogger littleacornman said...

Good work MD.See you there.

Cheers Milky,I hope you're right!


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