Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Viva Las Vegas....

I think I need a lawyer! I took an extra £5k in equity out of the value of my flat when remortgaging recently and the Mortgage company have made a mistake and paid it in twice.Now £5k is almost exactly $10k which just happens to be the entry fee for the WSOP which must mean my mortgage company reckon I’m ready to challenge for the title and this is their way of encouraging me to go for it.

Actually I’m fairly sure the onus is on me to tell them and I’ll probably get done for fraud ( even though it is entirely their error) if I don’t inform them.They did however charge me a £400 arrangement fee to do the remortgage and I need to know if I’m legally allowed to charge them £400 in order that I “arrange” to give them back the overpayment.My bank and mortgage co are separate so they can’t just come back into my bank account and take it.Any suggestions ( and I don’t mean a $10k prize pool for this weeks bloggerment tourney ) welcome.

I was paying so little attention I didn’t do very much in the $50k freeroll last night and my lax attitude carried on into the Late night Laddys $10 crapshoot.I played at a very fishy Pokerroom $50 nl full ring game for about ½ hr much later and left $8 down after chasing a few sets with pocket pairs preflop.

I should probably have taken the s-mans ( sookraboaby) advice and just taken a wee break last night and not played at all.I’ll see how I feel tonight before just logging on and playing just because it’s there.

I also took Mrs A out for a wee driving lesson in her new car last night and she did really well.She wanted an automatic but I insisted she pass in a car with gears that way she can drive either when she passes her test.She is now the proud owner of Chloe the fiesta.

Ok,dinner calls.Until next time make mine an awfuckit call....

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At Tuesday, 03 April, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Acorn,

Just ask yer resident accountant and ex-banker about yer overpayment and I'm afraid it isn't going to be good news. When I was working in a bank (not sure of legaly situation so will keep names announymous)we paid $20m into one of the Customers accounts and it was the wrong one, The Customer then decided we still owed them $20mn and came after us with a load of lawyers... No they didn't win! If the bank realize the overpayment they will ask you for the money back however... I don't beleive the onus is on you to inform them, as you could say that you did not notice the extra money. If however you have transfered the money out of that account then it would be hard to justify and the bank would come after you in a MOST unmellow way. They used to be able to freeze all your accounts (yes not just theirs), charge you interest for the overpayment, remove funds from your account with them... bla bla bla. Decidely not cool!! My advise is to keep the money in your account until they ask for it back and then say "really? My missus transfered that without me checking it, I'll need to check with her to see if it was indeed a double payment and I will of course pay back to you at earliest opportunity, what account would you like it deposited in and also will you be covering all transaction fees if you did indeed make the mistake?" If they say yes then try and charge them for your administration fee although there is no way they'll pay it, it will be a great laugh for all the readers of your blog ;)

I'm around for a couple of hours tonight before meeting the missus for a sundowner (at 10pm UK time)would be great to catch up and also get a game of poker - been too long for me now - only a few games last week is just not cutting it with my addiction.

At Tuesday, 03 April, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Mark is almost certainly correct here, but I feel you may have a case for charging them an administration fee, for the 'inconvenience' this would cause (not to mention the fact that the mrs has left you because she thinks you were lying about the financial situation.... rotfl)It is worth a try, but I doubt you can get away with it!



At Wednesday, 04 April, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

$10K...mmmm that's a lot of $50 NL games...


of course you need to give it back....when they ask.

At Wednesday, 04 April, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Thanks for the advice lads.

A lot of $50 nl games? Feck that.It's one $10k buy-in at Full Tilt high stakes games.....

At Wednesday, 04 April, 2007, Blogger MiasDaddy said...

i was gonna suggest you give it to me, I'll play 200$ NL poker with it, and we split the winnings?
And said in much fewer words!!


At Thursday, 05 April, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...


How's that for a short answer Md :-))

At Friday, 06 April, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ship it holla :)


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