Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Leaky Leaky

It's been a leaky couple of days at the tables with no real bankroll progress made.I played a couple more $15 turbos last night and bubbled in the first one when I pushed with 66 and two callers checked it down and one rivered his Ace.I was a bit annoyed because one was a total donk and had got lucky by rivering a straight v the big stacks AA in the previous hand.

There was added pressure as my poker playing mother said hello in the chatbox.I got right back on the horse for another and this time my flopped set of fives were beaten by another donk who stayed in the hand until the turn whereupon he hit his 2 outer to give him a set of sixes.

Leaked a further $10 at a juicy Party table where it took me five minutes to work out that the big betting Loose Aggressive player was a donkey and not the Gus Hansen type I'm sure he thought he was.He gave his stack to someone else ( who had just joined the table) and left straight afterwards.

Who said poker is fair?! Nobody with any sense!

I enjoyed Hoyazos latest post on cash game betting tricks.He mentions that a player who waits until the last possible second before firing out a raise is usually holding a strong hand and that he made the same move with a weak hand for deception.I like the idea against a thinking player, but I think the long delay move works well with a monster because the longer the wait,the more the other villain in the hand expects the delayer to fold.( I'd say 90% of the time when someone takes a long time to decide ,they usually fold) By the time the bet comes the villain has already won the hand in his head with what he has by now convinced himself is the best hand and that's why he makes the call more often than not and is why the move works in it's original form.I hope that makes sense!

Hoyazo also mentioned bluff bets of $7.95 etc made because he feels at certain site that adding the .95 makes the virtual chipstack bigger ( and therefore more intimidating I assume).It was great reading his take on it because I agree that .95 or .50 etc on the end of the betting amount is more likely to be a bluff but for a different reason.My theory is that the bluffer simply wants to make it look like he has put more thought into the price of his bet because he is trying to say he "has something".

Ok I have something.Two and a half hours until Mrs A gets home from work so time to hit the tables...


At Thursday, 19 April, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you try the cash table tricks then? I like doing a similar move when shortish stacked in a SnG, the blinds are approaching you and you look down to see AA or KK and you know it may be hard to get paid, so I deliberately take longer about it and then push, it makes it look like a 'fack it. this will do' sort of move IMO and I nearly always get called...and then sucked out on!! lol

Anyway GL

At Thursday, 19 April, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

I did a great cash table trick last night BM.I made $100 disappear in less than 1/2hr!!

Bagga shite!


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