Friday, April 20, 2007

Weekend is here...

Thanks to Miami Mark for the wise words in his comment on yesterdays post.

I did jump back on the horse last night ,starting with three Stars $15 turbos.I was suckered again in the first one which led to semi-tilt donkery in the next one.I was playing quite poorly in the next one too ,when my Mum said hello in the chat box.I bucked up my ideas after that and had built a decent stack until I clashed with the fishy chip leader who had played 67% of flops....

I'd raised with AK,he put me all in,I called,he showed 8d9d and rivered his flush.By this time thoughts of a few days off were at the front of my mind so....I moved to a Party $50nl 6 max table and AA and QQ holding up against some donkey won me just over a buy-in, and put a smile back on my face.The table broke leaving me on my own which is always a nice feeling.

I moved to 'Stars with renewed confidence and within 20 minutes lost a buy-in ( $50nl) to a rivered flush.I'd called a preflop raise with QQ at a loose table and bet big on the flop and turn after no scary Ace or King fell.When the villain bet out on the river after I'd shown major strength all the way through, I should have folded but I simply didn't put him on the flush draw after his preflop raise and it smelled like a lower pocket pair than mine.

I stayed at the table a while longer and calmed down enough to appreciate just how poor some of the play I witnessed was, and that sticking to a solid game plan will win the money over the long term.

I should be around to kick the variance biatches ass tonight,out with Mrs A tomorrow night and then back for the Britbloggerment 5 game at Stars on Sunday at 9pm BST.Password donkmanent.

So until next time..make up yer own ghey tagline. ( aint that right Kat!)

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At Friday, 20 April, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Miami Mark (aka 'Mr T[rout]') - is right mate.

It's what yev always said to me...

And if ye keep playing 'Mr T', then you'll become immune to the 'grrrr' moments ;-)


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