Sunday, May 06, 2007

Lets get ready to rumble!

Maybe it was one of those "you had to be there" moments but just as the big fight was about to start and the words "and this is it,the moment the whole world has been waiting for" had just left the ring announcers lips, this happened....

It wasn't even a big pot but the timing was spot on!
Big thanks to Hoyazo for the tip left on the lowlimit grinders blog recommending screenhunter.

I had warmed up with a couple of 18 player $15 turbos and managed 3rd in one of them before moving to th cash tables and making a poor start.I wasn't losing big pots but a few $20 ones got away from me and it felt like I was in leaky bankroll mode.I was also very tired after a late night on Friday night and at that point my plan was to play just a wee bit more before hitting the sack.

I took a wee break,read a few blogs and followed a few links.I found The Surly poker gnome via a link on fellow britbloggerment player Stephens blog and really enjoyed the articles on continuation bets and blind stealing in particular.I like the bet big philosophy at the low levels, however I used the info from the first article to slow down a little and take the occasional free card ( when drawing)after betting into the initial aggressor post flop.Here is one example.( note the overbet for value after I hit on the river!)

Here's the hand which I think formed the basis for a solid nights work at the tables.I know I post so many "awfuckit calls" that anyone reading must wonder if I ever lay down a hand at all, but on occasion it has been known!I was two tabling and actually checked the flop by mistake which allowed the villain to catch his flush.I did almost let the clock run out on me but thankfully folded in the end.

I then went on a wee bit of a tear at $50nl and left one table ( after the fish had gone) after reaching $241 ,thanks mostly to a couple of sets paying off against high pocket pairs.It wasn't one way traffic all night but that cash table run means the week has been a profitable one and I'm edging my bankroll closer to the $5k mark.

Table selection was key again last night and if a table toughened up or didn't have at least a couple of donators then I was soon on the move looking for those juicy high average pot games.It is frustrating to sit down at a cash table,spend 1/2 hour getting to know the villains and then have to move and start all over because nobody is getting out of line, but it's worth the effort.Sure I may miss out on a load of bonus opportunities however I gain by not restricting myself to one site and being free to scan the lobbies of Stars,Ladbrokes,Party and Full Tilt and choosing the very best table available.

Feeling very tired again today after staying up to watch Floyd Mayweather win a split decision over De La Hoya after a hig quailty fight.No clinching or spoiling tactics made it a fascinating encounter and although for a while it looked like De la Hoya had the power to do the damage, I thought Pretty boy Floyd did just enough to win overall.I just hope there's a rematch.

Ok, now that I can do screenshots I promise not to go overboard with gratuitous shots just for the hell of it...but err here's a nice flop!

Righty that's all for today.Don't forget to register and play in....

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At Monday, 07 May, 2007, Blogger Amatay said...

I love the first pic when someone types in.. hey Bobily how comes your stack keeps shriking as he makes a bet into your quad 9's lol. nh, i take it you won that pot right? Usually the fish find a way to make runner runner higher quads or something crazeee

At Monday, 07 May, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Yeah,I didn't notice the chat until later.hehe

I did win the pot but it didn't get much larger unforuntately.!


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