Sunday, May 13, 2007

Better times ahead + stats

At least there had better be, or I'm off to start Acornmans tiddly winks n life blog.

Miami Mark persuaded me to play an $11 ,$35k gtd rebuy tourney on 'Stars last night.I hate rebuys and I hate MTT's.Last nights experience has done nothing to change my mind!

I played decent solid poker and made moves at the right times.I rebought a couple of times and took the add on too.After seeing off 1100 others and with the money in sight, I made a move with KK and was busted by Mr AJ, hitting a Jack on the flop and another on the river.Three hours play for nothing.TY Riverstars!

Miami Mark at least made the money and then went out when some muppet flopped a straight after calling with Q9 v MM's premium hand.

I then moved to Laddys and after a decent start I hit a poker wall at $100 nl and lost a buy-in heads up against a lucky idiot who had sucked out to win a huge pot ( $550) and who lucked out again against me, by hitting his gutshot on the river after calling my large bets on every street( I had QQ ).It was obvious he was over confident and his stack was there for the taking, but that as they say is poker and there's no point in moaning about it.

A few more smallish $15-$20 pots also cost me and I went to bed around 5am more than a little hacked off at the game and myself.I wasn't so much annoyed at myself for any donk moves ,however I was sitting around $40 up at one point at Laddys and I should have left and gone to bed.

With all this gloom and doom I almost forgot I did finish up over a buy-in at a Party $50nl table and I spent 3/4 hour at a juicy Full Tilt table too where I won just under a buy-in.

Righty here are my up to date ( and not so pretty looking ) stats.

Pokerstars $147,Pokerroom $572( includes $200 cashout today towards bills),Party $669,Ladbrokes $1206,Full Tilt $1290.Total $3884. ( - $709 since May 1st).

I may cashout some more this week.After a rough two weeks at the tables it's nice to be able to use some of my roll for bills,treats and ( after Mrs A has just called to tell me) a new washing machine.

I intend to keep at least $2-$3k online.

Ok, that's all for now.Don't forget to register for Britbloggerment 8 tonight at 'Stars 9pm bst ( 4pm est start time in lobby under Private).Password is Donkament,it's only $5.50 to enter and all bloggers and readers will be made more than welcome....


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