Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Good Laydown?

It's been a fairly uneventful couple of nights at the tables.I bubbled at a wee $6 turbo on Tuesday and came 7th last night at a $16 sng after my QQ was busted by big slick.The $6 game was an interesting experience and I had to adjust my mindset hugely to deal with people calling raises with almost any two cards.

I did play one interesting hand I thought I'd post here.

We were twelve ( unplayable and folded) hands into the game when I was dealt KcJc in the big blind.I checked my option preflop and six of us saw a 3 J 9 rainbow flop.I was first to act and would quite often bet out there, however with five others in the pot, I was hoping someone with a Jack and weaker kicker would lead out and I could then check-raise and take it down ,giving me more profit.

A player who has played 5.5k games and won $6k bet 120 into the pot and I dutifully raised by 360 and made it 480.I was fairly sure I wasn't behind to AJ as I think it would have been raised preflop so I was feeling quite confident as I made my bet.

The villain waited until the very last second of the clock before going all in over the top.Call or fold?

I took nearly the full clock too and eventually folded putting the villain on a set or two pair.I nearly discounted the set because the board wasn't too scary and it would have been easy for him to try and trap me for more by flat calling my flop bet.I reckon I had made my bet so strong though that he thought I would probably call with TPTK or similar and that's why he went all in.

I also gave him credit for a big hand because I'd represented such strength myself.If I was saying "I'm very strong" with my bet then I think that makes it all the harder for him to consider a bluff reraise as he would expect me to call.Unless of course he put me on almost exactly what I had and reraised all in knowing it was unlikely I had a set because I would have bet less and tried to trap him.

I hope that makes sense! I did recover from that laydown and that was the game I mentioned above where I came 7th after my QQ got busted, but I was very curious as to the villains hand.I nearly asked him, but I would have replied "pay to see" in his shoes so I didn't bother.If you see bigdad4187 at the table ask him what he was all in with v Zagga in that hand!

Here it is here and note the "zzzzzz" from one bored player!

Not long back from my Mum and Dads where my Mum and I played a couple of unsuccessful turbos before winning a slow play 18 player $1.20 game.We were paying so much attention we never realised it wasn't a turbo until the final table! Great fun and hopefully one day my Mum will lose the "wee marine creature" she has next to her name at Sharkscope!

Righty time to go hit the tables...


At Friday, 18 May, 2007, Anonymous Miami Maggot "Fishing for Trout" said...

"Good lay down", after my previous comment I thought you were going to tell us you'd dropped a pearl after all these years.... hehehe.. I know I've got the s-man's backing on that wan... Looking forward to some poker and chat on Sunday. Think the wife has booked me all day on Saurday as she's organized a hoose in San Jose, and the packers are coming to put all our stuff in boxes and ship it off to California - can't beleive we'll be living here in 2 weeks!!! Talk about a roller coaster, lots to catch up on, cheers

At Friday, 18 May, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeesh !
all these bloody names, so confused !

trout and s-man are two different people ?

ok, is the s-man over the pond as well ?

yo trout, meant to ask, how did u manage to wangle yer way into america ?



aka ResdentEvil

aka the Zagga Rail Gunner (he he he)

At Friday, 18 May, 2007, Blogger Jack Dashed said...

The over-the-top was so big I am guessing at either middle pair or top pair, lousy kicker. Or nothing. He hasn't got a set or two-pair because you want to be called with that kind of flop - you take the money then kill it dead on the turn instead. I think you had him beaten.

Your laydown was though, in my very humble opinion, correct. This isn't a cash game; you can't reload when he reveals a Jack set and have another go. Against a big enough bet you have to lay down even pocket Aces because, in the end, your tournament life depends on you retaining chips and pumping them out only when you've got something to win - without putting your neck on the line to do it.

I would say though that if I am dealt such pocket cards - K J suited - on the button I would raise by at least 3/4 pot and see what happens. I thnk All-in man would have folded.

Best wishes,

Jack Dashed

At Friday, 18 May, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Still waiting on that feckin pearl dropping! Half of Ayr beach is noo missing!

The Trout is Al Eleven and the s-man is sookraboaby and you are DUDLEY DO RIGHT!!

Thanks for taking the time to leave such a well thought out comment Jack.

You may well have been right and if the villain had gone all in fairly quickly I would have been more tempted to call.Players taking their time usually fold and I think he wanted me to be in that comfort zone before shocking me with his bet and trying to induce a call.



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