Monday, May 28, 2007

Declaration of Britbloggerment!

"For so long as a hundred of us remain alive. We never will in any degree be subject to the Dominion of the English. Since it is not for glory, riches or honour we fight, but for liberty alone which no good man loses but with his life"

Wha's like us? Damn few and they're a' deid!

Congrats to Daleroxxu for playing an excellent game last night and taking down the Britblogger game.Four Scottish wins from ten is not a bad record and with the San Jose Salmon( Al Eleven) taking down the 2nd chance game it was a tartan whitewash at the tables last night!

Well done to Wee Gem ( another Scot) for making the top three and thanks to all who were generous enough to allow the Burnley Milkman to make the top 3.( Just kidding,good work BM!)

I managed to avoid the walk of shame as Res Evil ( Dudley) took that particular honour, however I didn't avoid an early exit,crashing out when my Kings were crushed by Amatays Aces.The Trout is not getting any credit for taking my last 10 chips when his A9 beat my 77!! Not a chance!

Thanks to Mark for his comment on me taking the ICM plunge,especially as his site is mainly responsible for arousing my interest.Unfortunately, I'm a stubborn donkey and in my only $16 turbo last night I reraised with AJ to isolate the shortstack and ran into another villains QQ and even the shortstack had me dominated with AQ.Lesson learned this time I hope!

Miami Mark suffered a nightmare 2 outer bad beat in the same tourney when his Aces were cracked and after he retired to lick his wounds I hit the cash tables.
I won a couple of $$ at Stars before moving to the fish bowl that is Party poker.

I noticed a ( solid) player at my table from The Peoples Republic of China and I wonder if this is the start of a poker boom there.If so then I would guess the tables are about to become very busy indeed.( Still not sure what would happen if all one Billion of 'em jumped off a chair at the one time!)

I managed to win $20 there overall mainly after getting all in preflop with KK v a fishy shortstacks 1010 which was ...nice.

Ok,thanks for reading.Back soon...

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At Monday, 28 May, 2007, Blogger Juice said...

Um arent you guys getting a bit carried away.

Tan x3
Juice x1
Spid x 1

5 wins for those south of the border.

as for counting the second chance! its like a 4 man tournament and 75% of the field was scottish! Its the equivalent of the world series of baseball. Strangely americans win every time!

At Monday, 28 May, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Err NO!

Al x 2
Res x 1
Dale x 1

50 million v 5 million population!

Get it right round ye!!

Besides Jersey ( Tans home ) aint exactly sowf of the border so I make that Scotland 4 Ingurland 2!

At Monday, 28 May, 2007, Blogger Juice said...

Tan lives in jersey! its south of the border! and since it isnt scotland its ROW!

also im sure that Sir F is from south of the border so thats

Tan 3
Spid 1
Juice 1
Sir f 1

ROW 6!

Scotland 4!

Get in!

At Monday, 28 May, 2007, Anonymous Miami Mark said...

I think Juice has made a fair point on the 2nd chance tourney..... it really is the cream that make that one!

Scotland is heading the country league table although maybe I got a wee bit carried away by taking on ROW, but we're not far behind, a couple more weeks and it will be all even... watch this space

At Monday, 28 May, 2007, Anonymous Miami Mark said...

nearly forgot acorn - I knocked you out, simple as that!! Whether it was 10 chips or 1500 chips, I would have won a bounty on yer head if anyone thought you were scary enough to put a bounty on yer head... hehehehe

At Tuesday, 29 May, 2007, Blogger Juice said...

the cream or the scum at the top of a sewage pit? :-)

At Tuesday, 29 May, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dangerous words young juice...beware the mighty trout...

fraid i'm internetless for the forseable future chaps......

At Tuesday, 29 May, 2007, Anonymous s-man said...

anon being the s-man, of course (it's been that long, i've forgotten how to post on acorns blog!)

At Wednesday, 30 May, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Internetless s-man? I wondered where you were! Gies a shout on the dog n bone and we'll arrange a wee night.


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