Friday, June 01, 2007

Weekend at last...

I'm not sure whether it's just that I was feeling incredibly tired last night or if it was the aircon in my office but my eyes were so dry last night even the Pokerstars river couldn't get my tear ducts going.
( hard as it tried!)

My eyes were as dry as my posts over the last few days.To be honest I've not been feeling anywhere near my best recently and I reckon it shows here.

Maybe I just need a really good nights sleep because at the moment my poker/blogging enthusiasm seems to vary between an almost manic state where topics and ideas just seem to flow, and a being in a state of complete inertia where I feel like I'm churning out the same old rubbish day after day.

Mrs A has come off the happy pills just over a year after her Mum died and is walking around like a bear with a sore head, which although understandable ,is not helping lighten the mood in our home.Roll on next Friday when Mrs A and I head to sunny Ibiza for a much needed holiday.

To the poker and I began by playing a $1 mtt on Stars for UK players.The main reason for playing was that I felt too tired to play properly but still fancied a game.I think I came around 35/100 and went out when I ran AQ into KK.

A $6 ,18 player sng followed and my luck was out there too.I finished when my steal ( and I'd hardly played a hand) with Q8 was called by Q7.It didn't feel like any great surprise when the flop came 7 9 9 and the turn and river didn't help me either.

I moved to Party $50nl, won a buy-in overall and felt I played quite well.My first table had one loosey goosey fishy and I was fortunate enough to get a chunk of his shortish stack when my 1010 was good on a low ragged board.

I moved to a new table and bluffed the big stack off a hand with my failed flush draw.It wasn't hard as the flop brought two hearts and a Jack.When another Jack fell on the turn I bet as if it had just given me trips and he folded.

I wouldn't usually get away with the above move at the very loose tables I usually play at but this table had tightened enough to make betting draws and throwing in the occasional bluff a profitable move.

Righty thanks for reading.Back soon..

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