Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fish for afters...

I didn't play too much poker on Monday night,just long enough in fact to go out of a couple of $16 turbos with the best hand and drop about $20 at Laddys due to being absolutely card dead for the 1/2hr I played.

As it was my usual high ave pot table with a lot of loose maniac play ,I couldn't make many moves without getting called down.At one point two villains were all in after the flop and one showed Ace high at showdown and the other Queen high! Ahhh Laddies,still one of the biggest fishbowls in poker.

Last night I didn't play any poker at all and watched the box with Mrs A after taking her out for a ( trouble free) driving lesson.I did log on to the net briefly to see if my mate,the Big Chap,was online at Pokerroom but logged off ( after checking Juices blog!) afterwards.

I did have a laugh last night when I went into Step A's room to see what she was up to on her pc and she asked me if she was allowed to start a blog.She's only 12 and too young (imo) to be on myspace or anything like that so I've bought her a 2007 diary and written "myspace" on it.Just as good eh!

Mrs A is working tonight so I'm looking forward to hitting the tables if I can tear myself away from the launch of Big Brother 8.Hmmm shouldn't be too hard!

Just arrived back from Mother Acorns where I had a fine chille for dinner followed by a large helping of fish for desert.The fish were of course at Pokerstars and my Mum was pleased as we managed to win an 18 player $1.75 turbo and then a 10 player $1.75 game.That should help her Sharky stats a bit!

Oh before I go I read a wee snippet in the paper that made me think of Katitude out there in Canada.I know Kat is attached but this guy sounds the perfect partner for any poker player,especially after a badbeat or two.

"Police are trying to trace a man approaching women and begging to be kicked in the groin.Three women have said he approached them in the past two months to make the odd request on the streets of Guelph in Ontario,Canada.

While no criminal offence has been committed ,police fear the women may be at risk themselves of sexual assualt"

Be careful out there.....

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