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I don't usually write about my work as I've read about too many bloggers getting the sack over comments made about their employers,however I would like to make a wee exception and mention the new scheme my company have introduced for customers who are not entitled to compensation.( I deal with complaints)

The idea began with allowing us to send a bunch of flowers or box of chocolates, which I agree may well go some way to soothing customers who have low level complaints.I checked the website today and the range of gifts has now been expanded upon and we are now able to send out incredibly valuable and useful gifts such as space hoppers and even an acre of the moon!I can imagine that will go down a treat for those who have suffered endless service problems. "Terribly sorry about your troubles there Sir/madam, and that the company caused you such stress,inconvenience and wasted so much of your time.You're not entitled to any comp as such, but hey get up early tomorrow morning,the postman is bringing a treat!".

Later the next morning...

"What do you mean you're not happy with your space hopper or the acre of the moon for which you're now the proud owner?".

Honestly,you couldn't make it up!

To the poker and I feel I post enough of my own donkey moves to justify moaning about a particularly horrible night at the tables.It began in reasonable fashion as I came 2nd in a $16 ,18 player turbo on 'Stars,though I had the villain all in twice when heads up with higher pocket pairs only for him to hit his 2 outer.

In my 2nd turbo I ran 99 into KK and on the very next hand I pushed my remaining stack in the middle with JJ and ran into AA.Niiiiiice!

Laddies cash tables were beckoning and I hit the $50nl 6 max table with the $25 average pot and 45% of players seeing the flop.Once again I experienced complete card deadness until I picked up Kings and got 'em busted by A10 for a buy-in.I lost what seemed like a ton by rebuying everytime I dropped below $45.I never let my stack get below that, as I always want to be ready to make the most of any decent hand I am dealt.

I opened a $100nl full ring game which was incredibly loose and juicy for that level,with pots averaging nearly $50 and 40% of players seeing the flop.More card deadery ( hmm is that a word?)saw my $100 slip to $90 before I called a $2 raise with 7s8s soooted from late position.The flop was all Spades ( 10s 3s 2s) and I finally perked up a little ,thinking this might be my chance to win a nice pot.

There were five in the pot and I was surprised when it was checked to me.I was in the cut off and decided to take a wee chance and also checked intending to get out if another spade fell and I felt I was beaten.The plan of course was to allow someone to catch up a little and I could then really build a pot worth playing for from the turn onwards.It would also allow me to disguise my flopped flush a little as the standard move would probably be to bet out there.

Anyway the turn was a 6h and this time there was a $7 bet and one caller before the action was on me.I reraised to $18 ( pot was $27) which was reraised again to $29 before I went all in and got one caller.We saw another 6 on the river.I didn't like the paired board but even at this table I couldn't see anyone making their full house as they would have had to call the prelop raise with somethig like 106 or 63.The villain showed 66 for dem quad biatches and I switched off my laptop and went to bed!

In total I dropped ( much nicer word than lost!)$150 at Laddies although that was offset slightly by my 2nd place at the Stars tourney.

The good news is that I've been playing long enough now to not be overly bothered by nights like last night.That doesn't mean I wasn't upset in the few moments after the hand but overall I can accept that is just how the poker cookie crumbles sometimes,especially at the type of tables I choose to play at.

If I had a horse I'd be ready to jump back on it!

Right,time for another bad beat.Gotta go shopping with the Mrs..

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At Saturday, 02 June, 2007, Blogger GWC said...

I rarely see quads online so imagine my surprised to see 5 sets of quads during a freeroll I took part in last night. Rigged!

Laddies seems like it may be worth a look some time.

At Saturday, 02 June, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Ouchaments indeed!

With the right table selection and especially late on at weekends,Laddies,poker gods willing,is a goldmine.

Just pick the juciest table,ease your way in and pick your spots well.


At Saturday, 02 June, 2007, Blogger dD said...

when are you back from holiday ?

oh and enjoy yourself !!

nlhe mtt Turbo on Wednesday
HORSE / PLO8b on Thursday and Bloggerment on a Sunday

I like your style ! this donkament festival seems an excellent idea.

I think thats the best idea for the midweek games, invade an mtt, might win some cash and not just from bloggers !



At Sunday, 03 June, 2007, Blogger Wildcat said...

Cheers for your encouragement on my blog, I am shortly getting a new account, as ukbetting are leaving crypto. Let's hope that this move also reduces the outdraw factor that I have been sufferring from recently!

At Sunday, 03 June, 2007, Blogger Juice said...

what do we need to complain about to get a space hopper? is it like fpp's where the more complaints you make the better the prize?

At Sunday, 03 June, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Off on Friday until the next Sunday dD.Roll on!

I'll be ready to join the blogger mtt invasion when I return!

No probs Wildcat.The worm will turn mate.

I might have known you'd like a space hopper Juice.They only get handed out for the really serious stuff though!


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