Sunday, June 17, 2007

Home sweet home + Britbloggerment 13

Arrived back home just after 6.30am this morning after our holiday in sunny Ibiza.We'd stayed at the Nautilus Hotel a couple of years ago and had a fine time.This time though we ended up complaining and getting a move to a sister hotel down the road.( San Remo)

At the Nautilus the aircon was rubbish,there was no fridge in the room,we had to pay for the sunbeds on the "private" beach and the food was awful.We also had to contend with our fellow Brits arguing and shouting most of the night.Oh and if we did get to sleep we were wakened by the cockerel out the back around 6am....

The San Remo was far better and we had a great room ( 311) for people watching although the aircon was only good enough to cool the room enough to sleep at night and not much else.

The only real let down was the jobsworth barman.I nearly lamped him one night after my all inclusive wristband had snapped and he wasn't going to serve me my beer.Mrs A was right next to me with her intact band and he was just being a dick and telling me to go to reception to get another before he'd serve us.On the 2nd last night I tried to order beers at 11.55pm only for him to tell me it was after 12am on his watch and the bar was shut.I didn't complain this time and walked away leaving him to ponder just what a "wee Spanish knob jockey" is!

Mrs A and I did enjoy ourselves and had plenty of long lie in's before hitting the beach and enjoying a few bevvies at night.We treated ourselves to a large steak dinner last night, before waiting over an hour for the prepaid transfer bus which failed to turn up.Thankfully the airport is only a 30 min ( £20) taxi ride away.

Mrs A and I got on really well during our break, although I did bring up the fact that after she read her book on "the change", she seemed to be trying to live up to everything in it! I did wonder if we were growing apart a little before our holiday, and although I'm trying to appreciate what she's going through, it does seem to be putting a bit of distance between us.For example she is going on a weeks break with the wee one and her Dad at the end of this month and in August.She's only going to Millport ( wee Scottish Island)but has said she doesn't want any more holidays abroad this year.I only booked us for 8 nights in Ibiza and had been looking forward to a proper 2 week break in September.Looks like I'll have to speak to my wee cousin about another 'Dam trip...

I read about ten books on the beach ,the best of which were Carl Hiassens excellent "Nature Girl",Anthony Holdens "Bigger Deal" and the strangely compelling "The Damned United" by David Pearce.The latter was a fictional account (based on fact) of Brian Cloughs 42 ill fated days as manager of Leeds Utd in the 70's as told from his point of view.( he died in '04).All well worth a read.

I didn't play any poker at all on holiday unlike Mother Acorn who was away on a cruise break with my Dad for a week and triumphantly texted me to tell me she had won two £10 live tournaments on board the ship!Apparently they electronic type dealers on the ship and by all accounts my Mum had a blast! Gaunyersel Maw!

Looking forward to getting back in the poker saddle later today.I did give my game some thought on holiday and I reckon I'm not a 15% roi sng player at all( As Sharky says).At my best and when my cards hold up I think I can edge nearer 30% ( at $16 level) but I also think I let my best game slip too easily and can play at -30% just as often.

They say poker reflects a mans ( or womans!) character and I reckon the above also applies a bit to my life too.I either seem to be operating at 30% roi and dealing with everything with zest and enthusiasm or I'm at -30% and feel disinterested and bored with my lot.This can change from one hour to the next!

I am feeling good after my break though and I'm looking forward to fighting the poker rust and hopefully playing my +30% game tonight at Britbloggerment 13.Hope to see you there, as everyone who blogs or reads blogs will be made more than welcome...


At Sunday, 17 June, 2007, Blogger Juice said...

welcome back mr a!

At Sunday, 17 June, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Cheers J! Good to be back but where's the sunshine gone?!


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