Friday, May 09, 2008

Britbloggerment Open...

It's funny how life works.I found out the Russian ticket option ( for Uefa Cup final) isn't going to happen and although I'm gutted about that, my mood has brightened considerably due to other stuff.

On the poker front my wee cousin was over last night to watch me manage one money finish from about six wee $6 turbs as I continue to run badly.Not much else to report there.

I've a few things to rant about too.( can anyone tell I've not had my nicotine hit after dinner yet?!).

On a serious note first, what the hell is going on in Burma after that devastating cyclone?I'm reading tonight on the news wires that the UN have suspended aid operations after two mercy flights were seized by the military government there.It's heartbreaking enough to see the news coverage of the devastation without reading about crap like that.Apparently the UN will attempt another two flights tomorrow whilst in talks with the ruling regime there over the missing aid.

Edit: I still feel a little uneasy about including the tragic situation in Burma and silly stuff about water coolers in the same post but I suppose that's the nature of blog posts sometimes.Here's a website for anyone wishing to donate money to help.

To move on to entirely trivial and minor matters,why the feck do the people in front of me at the office water cooler insist on filling up 1-2 litre bottles everytime I'm waiting to use the damn thing.Use the small cups provided like everyone else you twats!

One last thing...Marks and Spencer spreadable butter.Spreadable straight from the fridge eh.I don't think so.Great if you like big holes in your bread or great big dollops of butter but to call it easily spreadable is a joke.Get it sorted M n S!

Right I'm heading over to the s-mans for an evening of film and COD4.Don't forget tonight that Kats donkament ( $1 rebuy) begins at Full Tilt at 2am UK time( password:donkarama) and the Britbloggerment game is open for registration....

ps Any spare Uefa final tickets??!



At Saturday, 10 May, 2008, Blogger Rosie said...

Go careful.. I am that 1 litre bottle lady in front of you at the water cooler! Still calling her a twat? ;o)

At Sunday, 11 May, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

If you think I'd compromise my principles and treat you any differently to anyone else in that watercooler situation.....You'd be absolutely right :-)


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