Thursday, May 08, 2008

Should I stay or should I go...

Although the weather has been fantastic and I was off on Monday it's not been a great week so far for a few reasons.I did enjoy last nights game at Ibrox which we won after a peach of a goal from Ferguson with less than twenty minutes left.That kept our Quadruple hopes alive!

After the game I watched The Apprentice and didn't bother playing any poker.I played six turbos without cashing on Tuesday night after running badly and not playing that well either.I wasn't in the mood to play and I should have recognised that and taken a break.Doh!

I've also spent the last few days/nights glued to Ebay to check on the price of tickets for the Uefa Cup final as sadly both my cousin and I missed out in the ballot held for season ticket holders.They are currently selling for around £1500 ( $3000) per pair and I've spent the week wondering if I should raid my poker roll to cover the cost.( my cousin would pay me back over 9-10 months)

Stop Press: Just finished speaking to a girl at my work with contacts in Russia( our opponents, Zenit St Petersburg, are Russian) and it looks like I can get tickets for around £130-£200.The only problem is that they'll be in the Zenit end of the ground, however I reckon there will be Rangers fans all over the stadium and it's worth taking the chance.Manchester here we come!

Ok,my cousin is visiting tonight and I'll probably be heading out tomorrow night.

Just time for this topical snippet from the paper...

As Rangers fans bid excessively for Uefa Cup final tickets, a fan bewails on a supporters' website: "My other half has just called, absolutely spitting feathers. She has just seen our bank statement and called to ask if I thought that spending over £1800 was a bit excessive for a football match.
I tried to explain it was a once-in-a-lifetime game. She then went off on one again saying the money could be put to better use. I asked what better use, and she replied, an engagement ring'. "So I reply, if we win I'll get you one, then'. Jesus Christ, I should have just kept quiet and taken the abuse." Proving once again that such sites are no place for relationship advice, a fellow fan replies: "You can always get another woman. You may never get another Uefa final."

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At Saturday, 10 May, 2008, Blogger Donkey Face said...

Good stuff.

But if you go into enemy territory, isn't there a chance you might get beaten, and then have your anal virginity taken away?


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