Monday, April 21, 2008

$6k Sng profit reached....

After my recent battering at the $16's I moved back down to $6 turbos to get my mo-jo back and managed to scrape 243rd place on the Stars planet leaderboard with a 382 score and a profit of about $130 for the evening.I also won a quick $70 at a Laddies cash table just before watching Joe Calzaghe beat Hopkins and going to bed.

Yesterday I was at Hampden to watch Rangers win on penalties to get through to the Scottish Cup final after a poor performance.The manager had rested a few players and I can only hope they lift their performance levels for the big game against Fiorentina this Thursday.

After an early morning message from my Mum ,I also filled up my petrol tank as talk of a new fuel strike grows.I'm glad I did because the queues were getting long tonight!

Later last night it was a bit disappointing that only eleven turned out for the Britbloggerment game on Stars.Perhaps it was just a blip.I certainly hope to see Wee Gem,BM,Dudley,Tan,Stephenhall,Matty,Rob,Mauzj,Cloud,Al Eleven,Kronsdat,Amatay,Sir Al,lisam8319 and co back for future games!Those names are just off the top of my head,no offence to anyone I've missed.I did starting adding links but it was taking forever...

Congrats to Cell 1919 who took it down after one of the longest bubbles at $5 level I think I've ever played.Thankfully for once poker justice was done and it was the fish with no class,celtcriver,who swam back to his fishbowl empty gilled in fourth.Frankly I'd be happier if he stayed in his bowl and didn't play the Bloggerment again as neither his play nor his chat added anything to the game.(and that genuinely has nothing to do with the fact we support rival football teams)

After the Bloggerment I fired up a few $16's and managed a win and a 3rd place from my five games.The 3rd place finish was my own fault as I had a decent lead over the shortstack when I shoved Q10c into the bigstack.My thinking was that although the Maths/ICM would probably say it was a dumb move,the chipleader would "know" that I wouldn't be shoving into him unless I was very strong and would only call if he had a premium hand himself.He'd also been quite tight and had shown he was capable of folding but he called with A10,my Q10 didn't improve and I was left cursing myself for my own stupidity!

I did register for Uncle Chucks 420 tokers game on Full Tilt last night at 2am although it was on too late for me to actually play in it.I did find it funny that the banner for that game mentioned requiring rebuys as it was a weed smokers game.I think I'd need additional rebuys if I didn't smoke and play!

I've a busy week ahead.I'm off to the Alea casino ( non poker!) tomorrow night,possibly babysitting on Wed,semi-final of Uefa cup at Ibrox on Thursday and best of all,Rosie arrives on Friday to stay until Sunday.After Rosie's flight back on Sunday it's Rangers v celtc again from the Piggery and this time my cousin and I have tickets.

I mentioned possibly babysitting as I'm not sure where things stand with Step A.I usually look after her on Wednesdays nights as the ex is working however over the last couple of weeks she has been off school and has just gone to the ex's work until midnight.The ex said she wasn't sure yet what Step A wanted to do this week now the school holidays are over.

Step A recently came back from her own wee holiday with her gran and had brought back presents for everyone and when I half jokingly asked where mine was she told me I wasn't family anymore.The ex made some weak remark about how I'd given her money for her hols and she should have bought me something but that's not the point.

I've definitely moved on and accept I'm not part of their family anymore but I do feel I deserve a little more thought after helping to bring her up for over seven years.The most heartbreaking part of splitting with the ex last year was knowing I wouldn't be living with Step A on a day to day basis as I've grown very very fond of her over the years.

It was tough enough establishing and maintaining a relationship as a Step father ( never official as we only lived together and never married) and just being "Mums ex boyfriend" carries even less weight it seems.I'm going to have a word and leave it entirely up to her.With nothing between her Mum and me anymore it's up to us if we want to keep in contact.

I taught her to swim,ride a bike ,use a swing and so much more, but if I'm only a taxi driver and ATM to her these days then it's maybe time to let go a bit.I'm also aware she's now a typical teenager and that being thoughtful and giving thanks are not going to be typical behaviours regardless of how close/distant we are, which means I need to be even more careful about what I say to her.Time will tell on that one.

Ok,that's more than enough for today! On the poker good news front I've achieved my goal of breaking through the $6k profit barrier on Sharkscope which I'm quite pleased about.( though it's not by much and could easily drop below $6k again!).Next goal has to be $7k.Watch this space....

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At Monday, 21 April, 2008, Blogger Juice said...

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At Monday, 21 April, 2008, Blogger Juice said...

ah acorn you know kids can be rough and sometimes the little things can cut right down to the core.

I know its hard but dont be too hard on step a. Kids dont always think about forever and the future they only think about now.

Its hard to say in 20 years time
how close you will be to step a. Perhaps people just grow up and move on but for now just keep your promise and be there for her.Thats the best thing you can do. For both of you and just see where it takes you.

It will be alright.

At Tuesday, 22 April, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha,I love your link for Celticriver,hope to see you sunday night at the blogger touney.

At Tuesday, 22 April, 2008, Blogger Cell 1919 said...

That was indeed one hell of a bubble - somewhere around an hour I reckon. Took as long overall as a game with three times that number playing.

Some really good poker I thought, though I didn't appreciate zagga (whoever he may be!) raising my blind all the time. Well not until I got a hand at last :p.

I was wondering about the CelticRiver 'banter'. Wasn't sure whether it was an 'in joke' or something so kept out of it. How disappointing that someone felt it necessary to do that :(.

You couldn't get a more hard fought game, but we do it with our tongues in our cheeks and that's the reason I play.

See you next Sunday :)

At Tuesday, 22 April, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

We spoke on IM Juice.Thanks again mate.

Glad you liked it anon!Seemed appropriate!

Cell,I believe that one time you had Aces was the only time Zagga pushed with air all night :-)

Well done again on the win.See you Sunday...!

At Tuesday, 22 April, 2008, Blogger Juice said...

i welcome celtic river. If someone wants a pissing war then i have a bladder full to give him! oh i quite like taking his chips too.


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