Thursday, April 10, 2008

Superhero Friends...

The football wasn't that great last night and thankfully Rosie texted to remind me The Apprentice was on.I don't watch much tv at all but I love watching those twats makes fools of themselves on a weekly basis and last night was no exception.

Before the footy I finished the book "We need to talk about Kevin"( by Lionel Shriver) and after a slowish start I'd highly recommend it.Not many books have actually made me physically shiver the way the last couple of chapters of this book did!

I'm now reading a book called "All my friends are superheroes" ( Not as catchy as my version, "All my friends are balding plump blokes") ** after it caught my eye in Waterstones yesterday.So far it's a wee gem of a book!

On the poker front I'd read a little about Stars new sng planet leaderboard promo and although I was too lazy to read the detail,Mair was kind enough to write an overview on her blog.It seems I only need to play 20 games to have a shot.I played five last night ( my usual $16,18 player turbos) and managed a 2nd,3rd and three non cashes.I was on 91 points after 10 games before last night and I don't think my first set of 20 will be winning me any prizes! ( now 167 pts with 6 games to play)

I did feel I was back to playing somewhere near my best and the new promo has definitely helped focus me.I did run into some nasty suckouts too.One in particular was quite amusing because this total donk had just flopped a flush versus a solid regulars premium hand.I'm always happy to see a fish knock a regular out and was quietly pleased the 120-1 chance of flopping a flush had hit.On the very next hand I wasn't so pleased as the fish insta-called my 5bb preflop raise with 910 and busted my Aces on a perfect 678 flop!

I'm probably going to cashout some poker profit this month to pay for a few things I've mentioned before.I won't be touching my Stars roll though and my next poker goals are to break through the $6k profit barrier on Sharkscope and to get on the Planet Earth leaderboard at some point.Just checked and I'm really pleased to have made it back onto the 2-3 table average profit leaderboard for $6-$15 games,even if it is only in 17th position!

Tonight I'm looking after Nacho and will be spending a nerve wracking 90 minutes watching Rangers playing Sporting Lisbon in the Uefa cup quarter final.As with my poker I prefer not to be too optimistic before the start and then be pleasantly surprised if it does go well.I do think we've probably come as far as we're going to in this competition, but the beauty of sport is that anything can happen on any given day.Come on Rangers! Just do it!

** Any resemblance to anyone called Al Eleven or S-man,living or dead, is of course purely coincidental...

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At Friday, 11 April, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding balding comment...In this world there are those that CAN and those CANTS.... You know who you are.... On the fitty context - 2-0 beaten on yer home ground... get it right up yeh yah CANTS...Just back fae NY after long 2 days and missed all the fittae tf the DJ sends me texts to update me, now playing multiple tourneys and wanting to take ma stack back up to $1.6k so IO can cash $1k and satisfy the wife's spending habbits.... Catch you at the weekend, mother in law arrives monday so last blogger in a while.. Cheers
The non balding WAN.. SJS

At Friday, 11 April, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yer gettin yer peas booted ye cheeky barsteward!

Let us not forget the monk-like shine on a certain wee bawbags heid!

Good score last night, although i'll be interested to see what the RRadio chat will say.

I seem to remember a couple of years ago, when Ctic got to the UEFA cup final and Rgrs got to the last 16, call after call saying the last 16 was a better achievement.

Wander if it will be the same this year...


At Friday, 11 April, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Maybe I should have added "sensitive" before balding and plump ;-)

No worries for me.My folicles are so thick I've just had to pay the barber extra again to cut 'em :-)

Catch you Sunday Al.Good work at the cash tables btw!

Good score s-man? Fuckin' stupendous score mate!

ps unlike your workmates I aint taking the bait on the last bit!


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