Thursday, April 03, 2008

Pillow Talk

Although I don't watch much television these days I do enjoy The Apprentice.It's hard to believe that this years contestants have a modicum of common sense between them after watching their pathetic task attempts over the last two weeks.Last week the boys team were selling lobsters for £4 each and this week the girls wanted to charge £5 to wash a single pillow case.( laundry task)What planet are these people born on? Planet "Talk the corporate talk whilst having no idea of how the real world works" probably...

Last week some supposedly highly intelligent qualified barrister actually said in the boardroom that there were differences between himself and the others on the boys team because he liked art and culture and they talked about football.Now I don't have any University degrees but considering Sir Alan Sugar is the former chairman of Spurs FC ,I found it an incredibly stupid thing to say and I wasn't surprised he was fired.

The highlight this week for me was the when the potential customer expressed amazement at the girls quoted price and was told they had access to added benefits such as a 24 hour hotline.( to the girls mobile phones).As Sir Alan Sugar said,who is going to be calling a laundry hotline for an update on how their underwear is progressing in the machine...

On the poker front I bombed out of two turbs at Party and one was a particularly frustrating bubble exit.It wasn't a bad beat as I was behind preflop but when I shoved KJ and was called by 77, the KJ3 flop was reassuring until the 7 fell on the turn!

I ran badly in the few games I played at Stars and even fired up a wee 70fpp game to let off some steam as I could feel that silly sense of poker injustice growing.( Silly because I know how turbos work and going 0/5 without cashing is completely standard)

That helped and I took down the last $16 I played which I enjoyed all the more as there were a few solid regulars in the game.

Just back from Ibrox where I watched Rangers play out a 0-0 draw with Sporting Lisbon.I was a bit disappointed we never attacked more but we've scored plenty of goals away from home in Europe this season and the tie is not beyond us yet.

Ok, here's a couple of funnies from the paper which made me smile...

A Dad tells us his teenage daughter had left school and was applying for a job to tide her over before going to college. Under "previous employment" he encouraged her to put "babysitting", to show that she at least had a work ethic.

When he was checking the form for her later, he noticed that after putting in babysitter, the form asked "reason for leaving", and his daughter had written: "They came home."

A reader wonders if Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe will accept electoral defeat and retire to Yorkshire.

Why Yorkshire?

Simply because his surname backwards is E ba gum.

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