Friday, March 21, 2008

The OMG Man...

I had a fine evening before hitting the tables quite late on last night.I wish I hadn't bothered!

If I was the "wow" man on Monday,last night I became the "omg" man as that was one of the comments in the chat box after another miracle two outer duly arrived for my opponent.I felt as if I never really got into that zone where most decisions are automatic and the game just seems to flow.

The repeated beats and lost races took it's toll in a couple of the 15 games I played and I had to correct myself after a couple of tilty bad calls and plays.Running into monsters constantly was a continual problem and I even finished the night with a horrible bubble finish after being chipleader.

I'm not going to moan and whine too much though.
I lost $130 last Monday and about $160 last night, however those were my only losing nights over the last wee while and overall I'm happy with my profits.

Dinner tonight at Mother and Father Acorns followed by the RTR league game at 8.30.I'm struggling to stay awake writing this but if I'm still even half alert at 1am I'll be joining the Canadian and US bloggers for Kats $1 rebuy donkament.

Home game tomorrow at Ibrox and the s-man will be over later on Sat evening.

Oh it's great being back at work.My first complaint letter from a customer informed me that our company have "pulled-down their over sized corporate pants and done a diarrhoea-shit all over me",followed by the information that "I wont write to the Queen,she's elderly now and I don't want to trouble her".Lucky old Liz!

Ok,back soon...

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