Friday, March 14, 2008

Quarter finals here we come....

Hey Y'all,how ya doing already? That seemed an appropriate opening line to todays post as my body clock seems to have moved on to Eastern Standard Time over the course of the last week,with last night being no exeception.5.15 am to bed and up just before 2pm today.It'll have to stop!

My night began with the most nervy 90 minutes of football I've watched in a very long time.Rangers were 2-0 up from the first leg and the Germans threw everything bar the kitchen sink at us in their home leg,scoring not long after half-time and continuing to pile on the pressure right until the final whistle.Big Shagger McGregor in goals was superb and made several great saves and one world class effort where he pushed a certain goal bound shot onto the bar.

We did see it through,winning 2-1 over the two legs and now face Sporting Lisbon in the quarter finals and PSV/Fiorentina in the semi-final if we can beat the Portugese giants.Roll on!

To the poker and I played two $16's before the Riverchasers game and took 2nd in both.The Riverchasers game was at 1am and I didn't get off to a great start after raising AJ in late position and betting on every street of an Ace high ragged board,only to lose to AK.The only saving grace was that I controlled the pot size and didn't completely cripple my stack...until a few hands later when I raised the hammer,took a stab on a missed flop and had to fold to a reraise.Not long after that I shoved A10 and ran into AQ.

I fired up some $12,180 player turbs on Stars and didn't have any joy at all,despite getting quite deep in a couple of them.My cousin popped over, we chatted about the Rangers game and I blamed him for being a cooler as I bombed out of yet more $16 and $12 turbs!

Three more before bed was the cry and although I bubbled one in teeth gnashing fashion,I took down the last two games of the night to leave me $178 up over 14 games played.

The turbs are such a rollercoaster though.On Monday night I lost $130 and hated the sight of them and now after a decent week at 'em I feel like I've finally found the poker niche that works for me.Making 8bb/100 at $50nl was fine but I never felt that I had as good a handle on those games as I do at the turbs where I feel like I can compete with most players on my day.( at my level and cards willing!)

My major game weakness is still the mid stages of standard speed mtt's.I struggle balancing my turbo instincts with adjusting to the slower structure.I only really play Blogger games at slow speed and although I'd like to have won a few more ( Kats Donkament and 2nd place in the first season of the RTR league are as good as it gets)I'm quite happy to play 'em for the fun and chat,focusing on my core turbs for profit.

Tonight is the first RTR league game of season 3 and hopefully I'll be there! I had been hoping to get across to the s-mans tonight but Mrs A is going out and has asked me to look after Nacho.

Great news on tv just now.Shannon Mathews,the wee girl missing for weeks,has been found alive.Sadly these type of cases all too often seem to end with a body being found so it's fantastic that she's been found unhurt.I don't know the full story yet but the main thing is that she is ok!

My cousin popping over last night reminded me of an amusing moment we had when attending the launch of The Alea casino in Glasgow a couple of weeks ago.We were standing on the smoking terrace over looking the River Clyde when my cousin asked about the bridge we could see further down.I informed him that it's Glasgows newest bridge,known as the "Squinty Bridge".He then proceeded to enquire as to how the cars managed to get up and down over that big arch safely....( if it's not obvious ,I had to explain to him that the big arch is above the road!)

Ok,that's about it for today.I know it's late but if anyone from the UK is still up tonight and fancies letting off some steam ,hit up Kat's game on Full Tilt.Let's keep the title on these shores!

Katitude's Friday:Blogger Donkament
Full Tilt, 9:00 PM EST 1:00 AM GMT
Password: donkarama
$1 + $1, unlimited rebuys + one add-on, NLHE

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At Friday, 14 March, 2008, Blogger Jestocost said...

Sorry we didn't have a chance to play at the same table last night. Been a long time since I ran into you in a tourney.


At Saturday, 15 March, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Certainly has been a while.I'm off until Fri next week and I'm going to try and make the Hoy and maybe the Mookie.Hope to see you there!


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