Saturday, March 01, 2008

Monthly stats + Bloggerment 48

Pokerstars $3684 ( + $942) ,Party $1664 ( + $80),Bet 365 $671 ( + $91),Full Tilt $503 ( + $26) ,Ladbrokes $593 ( =, although $1k cashed out on 23/2),Pokerroom $36 ( =).
Total $7151. ( + $1139 for month)

Total profit since Oct 31st $3331.( after first 3rd of my 4th year of online poker)

After a poor start to the month of Feb I'm really pleased I managed to turn it around and win over $1k.Most of that has come from turbos sngs at Stars.I played 238 according to sharkscope and made $1039.

I cashed out $1k from Ladbrokes as I don't play there much these days and that has just about cleared my credit card balance.

I'm still very much a hobby player but I would like to continue to make enough to cover my council tax bill ( £775),Rangers season ticket ( £460),Car Insurance £500 and my car Mot and service in July ( £400).Those are just aprox figures and will require about $4200 from my roll.

I've also got 9 days off work coming up after next week and I was considering a trip to the Dam.I'm going to wait though and go with my cousin around May/June time when the weather is better.Sitting having a wee smoke in the sunshine beside a canal whilst watching the world go by is something I can't wait to do again!

Last night I was over at the s-mans and enjoyed some Call of Duty 4 and the Will Smith film " I am Legend" before returning home just in time for Katitudes Friday night rebuy donkament on Full Tilt.I was in the mood for messing around and Kats tourney is just the place to donk it up and make plays I'd never consider in a normal game.I did play like a donkey and have hazy memories of crashing out not long after the rebuy period ended.Nice way to blow off some steam though!

Picked my boy up on the way home from watching us beat Aberdeen 3-1 at Ibrox to keep us top of the league and now it's time for burgers n chips n poker.....

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At Sunday, 02 March, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

trust me, i was squirming ... :(



btw very nice month !!

At Sunday, 02 March, 2008, Anonymous BurnleyMik said...

that BR keeps building nicely mate!

Thanks for keep setting up the bloggerments as I haven't done one for months. Srry mate.

These nights shifts have totally blown my sleep pattern. I was registered for the bloggerment, but been up since 4.30am and so knackered I am off to bed now. Good luck in it and keep building that roll to pay for the all important season ticket!!



At Monday, 03 March, 2008, Anonymous Blackpool Club Poker Player said...

That is a pretty amount of winnings you have there. How in your opinion can you bring it to the next level? I keep seeing stats for these professional players who bring in 10k a month, but I can never manage to make it much more than you do. How can we make our winnings increase without the risk of losing everything?

At Monday, 03 March, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

dD:I just need to drive past a dentists to squirm mate!

BM:Setting up the Bloggerment mate is no probs mate.I did see you registred for last nights and was hoping you pulled out because you were at a final table somewhere!

I think that in the sng turbo world, multi-tabling is the key.I was reading A V0id ln Me ( top player on Stars) on a forum saying he makes a decent living by multi-tabling $16,$27,$38 and $60 turbos for 3 hours per day.

Another way to increase winnings is obviously to improve as a player and I'd recommend ( I'm not on commision!) cardrunners for that as the pro vids have helped my game hugely.GL


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