Friday, February 29, 2008

Alea Glasgow launch

Chicken again today! That's every day this week.I'm getting sick of this.Can I not get a ham sandwich to hold up just once!

On Wednesday night I thoroughly enjoyed watching Rangers beat Hearts 4-0 with two goals from Darcheville and two from Nacho Novo.After that I headed over to the ex's to look after Step A who was in good form.We chatted about movies and music before she went to bed and I fired up a wee $6 turbo.The ex arrived home just as the money places were approaching and I ended up going out on the bubble.

By the time I arrived home it was too late to fire a turbo up so I hit up a Bet365 $50 nl 6 max cash table and won a quick $30 with KQ v Q7 on a Queen high board.

Last night was the grand opening of The Alea casino in Glasgow and my cousin and I were there as VIP guests.

Spectacular scenery! ( and that was just the ladies!)

So spectacular that it took us fifteen minutes of roulette play to notice that the guy with the stunning blonde at our table was actually Rangers goalkeeper!

The entertainment was some guy called Rhydian from the X-factor and although I'd never watched it and never heard of him, he did have a fine singing voice.He began by singing "Get the party started" and also covered "Delilah","Somebody to Love" and some Westlife song.

I've joined The Alea as a member and look forward to playing some poker there.After blowing £40 in about 20 minutes at the roulette tables I wont be taking that up as a part-time hobby anytime soon though!

When I got home last night I watched part of a cardrunners video before bed.It was funny listening to a tourney player talking about "cash game donks".I hate any form of snobbery but I have to confess that until the last few months I was primarily a cash player and always looked down slightly upon those that play only tourneys.

I'd say I'm firmly on the fence between both camps now.Cash games do require more overall skill,however sng's ( and turbos especially) require more mental strength due to the repeated nature of the beats and preflop confrontations.

Ok,I'm off to the s-mans tonight...

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