Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bloggerment 47 open..

The password is Donkament as usual, but it may be case sensitive this week as it helps filter out the donkeys....( or cos I set it up donkey style!)

I've not much to say today.Yesterday I fell out with the ex over money which is a shame as we'd been getting on well and I've even had dinner there a few times with her and Step A.We've spoken today though and can hopefully keep things on a civil footing from now on.I don't think she reads the blog but her poisonous pal is net savvy so I'll not go into detail.

After a rocky start to my poker last night,I came out on top overall ,making $117 profit over 18 games.I still feel I'm not running at all well but at least I'm now only $30 down at Stars since the start of Feb.It was also good to catch up with Al Eleven in the chat thing and I'm looking forward to Al bringing his own unique brand of troutery to tonights Bloggerment!

I also enjoyed the s-mans company last night and we're hoping to get some badminton arranged for next week.I went down to Kilmarnock for the Rangers game today and my cousin and I watched us win 2-0 to stay 4 points clear at the top of the league.It wasn't pretty to watch but that's 8 league wins in a row and that could prove to be title winning form if we can edge out our rivals in the upcoming Old Firm games.It was funny listening to the derranged celtc fans calling the radio phone-ins to accuse the refs in Scotland of being biased.They've won the league over the last two seasons and not a squeak, but the moment Rangers regain our rightful place at the top and it's all a conspiracy against them.

Ok,just eaten a fine sausage supper ( 2 sausages in batter with chips) and it's time to make my sandwiches up and then hit the tables...

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At Sunday, 17 February, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmmmmmm case sensitive indeed.

so that'll be donkey with a CAPITAL d ...

grrrr could not figure it oot, so had to drop by to see wtf was goin oan :)




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