Monday, February 04, 2008

Mon Update

I was wary of hitting the tables again yesterday and after crashing out of two $16's when my premium pairs were busted by Ace rag, I still wasn't feeling much love for the game.I scraped 4th place ( top four pay from eighteen players) in my last game and began playing the Bloggerment later with very little confidence that my luck would change.I was right!

Congrats to Riggstad who took the title back to the USA after romping to victory.Next week though,it's coming home!Thanks to all 24 players who showed up.

I didn't play many hands in the game.I did repop a raise and got all in with AK v AJ and A5.I wasn't exactly surprised that the A5 flopped two pair.I went out 9th when I shoved 88 into KK.

I played a $6 with Juice ( cheers for the pep talk mate) later and this time my KK was busted by 22 ( all in preflop).I was going to fire up three or four $16 games, however I decided to try and just focus really hard on a couple instead.

Thankfully I managed a win and a 3rd place to end my evening.I was still a bit annoyed at the 3rd place as it was another suckout which sent me out, although after the weekend I've had at the tables, I was just quite relieved to finish with two in the money finishes.

I still wish I hadn't felt so bad yesterday.I have other things on my mind too, but I shouldn't let poker affect my general mood as much as it seems to.Poker is a game where emotion needs to be left behind and cannot be results based only.Looking back over my nasty weekend of variance I wonder if perhaps I was seeking out too many races and all ins at times.( looking to confirm to myself just how badly I was running)

Anyway back later in the week...

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At Tuesday, 05 February, 2008, Blogger dD said...

i kanda know how u feel.

come play at FT with me as i rename me as "bb" ... correct, bubble boy ... meh

home game ! home game ! home game !



At Tuesday, 05 February, 2008, Blogger Big Blog Collection said...

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At Wednesday, 06 February, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Aye,it were pish dD.Home game talks are still ongoing! Watch this space....


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