Monday, January 21, 2008

Rosie takes the Bloggerment down

Congrats to Rosie for taking down the bloggerment last night after a fine display of poker! Maybe I’m biased but I thought it was a very well deserved win! Well done sweetheart!

I crashed out in 9th after shoving the hammer ( 72) and having it badly sucked out on by Cogs and his AQ.I didn’t play too many significant hands, but I did make a tough laydown to Cell preflop for the 2nd week in a row.Next week I shove….

Great to see Surflexus and Katitude make the game too.Rosie and I were just chatting the other day about how good Surf’s latest post was ( the one with the excellent Gary Player quote) and although I’m sure he outplayed me a couple of times, I enjoyed the learning experience!

I did make one glaring error which annoyed me.Dudley had limped in along with Kat in the small blind and I checked in the bb with K5.The flop was a 456 rainbow and I decided Dudley would probably bet from the button with a wide range, and that a check raise would probably take it down.Dudley did bet,Kat folded and I check called my 2nd pair to the river where Dudleys 89 caught a 9 to win.Poorly played by me on every street…

I didn’t really batter the turbo’s at the weekend.On Sat night I paid $25+$2 on Littlewoods ( I have a little cash there to play rtr games) to play in their $5k gtd mtt with Rosie.I’ve never been an mtt fan and this experience did nothing to change that. I did prefer paying a slightly higher entry fee than I would usually though, as it meant the field was only 237 and my chances were a bit better.I came 17th for $59 after about 27 days non-stop play ( maybe just seemed that way) after going out when my 33 was insta-called by K8.Nh sir!

Last night after the bloggerment I decided to play a few $16 turbos.Don’t tell anyone but the $16,18 player games are populated by so many bad players you would be hard pushed to realise it’s a real money game at times.That’s the good news.The bad news is that they have to be the most vicious ,cruel ,soul sucking form of poker ever invented, and sometimes the beats just seem to be relentless and never ending.

I don’t steam or tilt often in these games though, because I’m just so stubbornly determined that I will not allow fish getting lucky to put me off my game, and stop me making the good decisions which lead to profit.Sure, I feel utterly sick for about 5 minutes after a suckout, but I wont waste energy getting too upset at dealing with something which has happened and I can’t change.

Anyway the bottom line was that I bombed out of five $16’s and scraped a win in my last one of the night.I also joined Rosie at a couple of $50 nl full ring tables and lost about $30 before heading to bed at 3am.( silly on a work night as I start the week exhausted).I read Doubleas latest excellent post where he writes about getting 5 hours sleep per night and catching up with 12-14 hours of sleep every couple of weeks.I know that feeling!

Ok,thanks for reading.Back later in the week..

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At Monday, 21 January, 2008, Blogger Rosie said...

Thank you, Darling. Just luck though, I'm afraid ;0)

At Tuesday, 22 January, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Yep,you're such a luckbox at the tables eh babe ;-)

At Tuesday, 22 January, 2008, Blogger Juice said...

Thats what ive always thought but been too frightened to say!


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