Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'd love it if we beat them...

I stayed off work on Tuesday but didn’t actually play very much poker at all.I won a wee $6 turbo on Full Tilt before bubbling an $11 game there.Stars followed and I bombed a $6 and came 2nd in a $16 turb, before spending the rest of my day reading forums and watching cardrunners videos.

Yesterday I struggled back to work and later I watched Rangers beat Gretna 2-1 to go four points clear at the top of the league.We didn’t play well but it’s winning those type of games which can make the difference at the end of the season.On the subject of football I couldn’t believe the news that Keegan has gone back to Newcastle.I don’t see it working out, but best of luck to the Geordies.If he can reproduce the style of football they played under him previously ,they will be at least be entertained.Those 4-3 games with Liverpool from a decade ago still stick out in my mind as a couple of the best I’ve seen.

I remember watching his famous rant ( below) live on Sky sports after wily old Alex Ferguson had wound him up by claiming teams didn't try as hard against Newcastle as they did against Fergies' Manchester United team.

After the football I popped over to the ex’s place to look after Step A.She has been quite cheeky with me recently but last night we had a good long chat on everything from films to the boy she fancies in her class.My advice was to get her friends to speak to his friends to ensure there’s no embarrassing KB.( although apparently kids don’t use the term “knockback” anymore).I’d rather my advice had been to focus on working hard and to forget about boys until she’s at least 30 but I have to be realistic I suppose!

I intended on a quick chat on the IM when I got home and then bed but I ended up railing Rosie in an MTT until 3am and it’s left me feeling just a little tired today.

Tonight I’m picking Nacho up after work and cooking up one of my exotic M n S ready made meals.After that I may just hit the tables and I'd love it if I won....

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At Thursday, 17 January, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I to am surprised Keegan went back to Newcastle.
By the look of that clip, he might be better off going back to pro wrestling.

At Saturday, 19 January, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Yeah,a classic "lost the plot" moment anon.


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