Monday, January 14, 2008


Yesterday I took Nacho a long walk,picked Step A up,hit the supermarket and had dinner with the ex and Step A before having a laugh looking up talking dogs on youtube with the wee one.

I may call her the "wee one" but she is growing up fast now and everything and everyone is currently gay and life is just so unfair.The ex and I also played her a wee clip of Harry Enfields "Kevin the teenager" as she seems to have turned into Kevina over the last few months...

I played the Bloggerment with a fairly carefree attitude this week as the Sun Million began half an hour into it and I wanted to give it as much focus and attention as possible.Congrats to Cogsgoine who won it from Juice in 2nd place.( I bubbled in 4th)

I arrived at my Sun Mill table and noticed one pro,Noah Boeken ( screenname:EXCLUSIVE)and decided I wouldn't be donking off my chips to him later...

My first hand under the gun ( first to act) was AK and I nearly shat a brick.I kept telling myself it had only cost me $2 to get into the game but the fact was that I had no idea of the kind of bet sizes etc to expect at that kind of level and had no real feel anyway for how to play the various stages of a big buy-in Mtt.I raised 4bb and they all folded.Ressssssult!

I then went completely card dead almost until the 1st break where I raised with KJ from mid to late and also raised AQ uncontested.I did play A5c from the blinds and was too scared to go with my instinct to check raise the pro who made a position bet when checked to him on an AQ10 board ( 2 hearts).I just didn't want to crash out with an Ace rag type hand!

After the break I wanted to use my tight (probably only one at table not to have seen a flop) image to my advantage and try and loosen myself and my game up a little.I was enjoying the buzz of playing in such a big game and was just hoping to actually catch a card or two to allow me to try and make an impact.

Finally I'm dealt 1010 in the big blind.It all seems a bit hazy now but I think there were a couple of limpers ( including the pro) and I made a decent sized bet.The newly arrived big stack at the table called and the pro made a big reraise.Now in my defence the pro had been very active at the table and had shown down 33 v a much higher pair earlier on but his limp/reraise screamed monster and yet a sudden rush of "newbie caught in the headlights" blood saw me call and crash out to his KK.I was hoping for 22-99 or at worst a flip with AJ-AK and instead was bounced out by someone who played me perfectly.Why would he limp and then reraise the tables tightest player? Doh!

It was good experience though and despite my poor showing I would certainly like another go at it at some point and have already checked out the satellites.

I wasn't in the greatest of moods afterwards and hit up the turbo's winning a wee $6 I played with Juice and crashing out of the other.Juice headed off and I decided to get back to my comfort zone and play some $16 turbs.

Something I picked up from a Jackal69 video on cardrunners is that when the blinds are med-high in turbo's ( and the table is not all donks calling with any two cards) I can steal blinds with marginal hands by making smaller bets and can still fold if someone comes over the top of my bet.At really fishy tables I'll stick to betting big to get the message across but I've found that 2-3 bb bet sizes ( and doing the same with monsters) can quite often get the job done.

Anyway,I had an awful start.After going out the Sun Mill with 1010 they seemed to haunt me.My KK was beaten by 1010 before I hit a 10 on the flop v KK ( I had the tens this time) ,only for a rivered K to knock me out of that one too.I couldn't win a race to save myself and was losing to such poor hands at times that the villains were discussing them in the chatboxes!

I should probably have gone to bed but I'm a stubborn git and knew I was just running badly and that if I kept making the right decisions I could at least recover some losses.I won a couple and scraped a 3rd and 4th before going to bed $175 up from 25 games.

Now it may not last, and it is only over 966 games, but I'm quite pleased that my sng expolits have finally earned me a wee shark symobol next to my name on Sharkscope.I've read that you need 2000-5000 games ( with 1k a min starting point) to have any real idea of a realistic roi figure and I expect if I keep 4 tabling the shark will go, but it's certainly a nice wee boost to my poker confidence.

I'm still feeling the last of that bug and have stayed off work today.Off to pick Nacho up just now and have a nice chilled day.

Oh and if you were the person who found my blog yesterday after googling "jokerstars repeated suckout bad beats" I hope your luck has turned.....

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