Sunday, January 06, 2008

Eat my raise

The s-man was over last night,although this time without his Play Station 3 and Call of Duty 4.You can't beat getting called a "pussy faggot" online by some 12yr old kid as he merrily walks past and cuts your throat, as you're frantically spinning around wildly, trying to fire some rocket launcher which takes 1/2hr to load...

On the subject of wild kids, I did witness one funny moment in Sainsburys the other day when a wee girl aged around three suddenly piped up with "well if he does that again, I'm just going to stab him in the neck".Cue the shocked Mother asking where that came from and when told,"Jackie",assured the young kid in not very convincing tones that "Jackie" ( whoever she was) would never utter such a terrible phrase.I left the kid adamantly advocating the case that "Jackie" did indeed utter such words!

Grrr, my mobile phone is doing my nut in.Texts are sometimes taking ages to get through and although I'm not one of those 1000 text messages per day maniacs,if someone sends one, I do like to actually know about it and be able to read it!Sometimes it matters more than others.One that was sent at 4.15am last night finally got here at 4.25pm today! Be quicker to stick a stamp on it...

To the poker and after showing the s-man a little of Dauts 20 table video from cardrunners,I fired up a record ( for me) seven tables of $1.75 ,18 player turbs to see if I could handle the pace.I made about $15 from the seven games and quite enjoyed the experience even if the play at that level is barely a step up from play money.

After the s-man left, I joined Rosie and Juice for a few wee turbo sng's and I managed to win two $6.50,18 player games back to back and beat Juice heads up in one of them.The heads up battle was fun but didn't last long as I was lucky enough to be dealt some big hands at the right times.( makes a feckin' change it seems!)

By 3am I was on my own and decided it had been too long since I played a cash game session and promptly lost a $50nl buy-in at Party to a flush chaser.I moved to Bet365 and fired up a $100nl 6 max table where I made the mistake of calling a shortstacks shove after I'd raised with AJ from the button.It only cost me $20 ( he had AK) but I was aware I was still in turbo mode and needed to re-adjust fast or face losing my stack.

I reloaded ( I never sit with 10% less than the max buy-in at cash tables) and won $110 for a $90 overall profit.The cardrunners videos have improved my game and made me far more confident in my reads and less fearful of monsters.( it's ok to be fearful if anyone under 5yrs is reading this!)

GAME #786484227: Texas Hold'em NL $0.50/$1.00 2008-01-06 03:43:11
Table Quorn
Seat 1: HumitoOOo ($215.83 in chips)
Seat 3: Goodnightwaltz ($169.90 in chips) DEALER
Seat 5: hopefullyimprove ($163.50 in chips)
Seat 6: Mendacity ($105.30 in chips)
Seat 8: Barelyl3gal ($100.00 in chips)
Seat 10: kallo1 ($188.45 in chips)
hopefullyimprove: Post SB $0.50
Mendacity: Post BB $1.00
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Mendacity [DA S10]
Barelyl3gal: Fold
kallo1: Fold
HumitoOOo: Raise $4.00
Goodnightwaltz: Call $4.00
hopefullyimprove: Fold

>>>Only A10 but Humito has been raising a huge range of hands and I'd like to see a flop.

Mendacity: Call $3.00
*** FLOP *** [H4 C10 C3]
Mendacity: Check
>> As soon as I checked I thought I should actually have made a bet to see where I was in the hand.The problem was that if I bet and was raised he would representing a bigger pair than my TPTK ( Top pair,top kicker) and I would probably have to fold.

HumitoOOo: Bet $10.00

>>fairly standard continuation bet from him and didn't necessarily mean an overpair to the board.

Goodnightwaltz: Call $10.00

>> quick call made me think he was probably drawing.

Mendacity: Raise $28.00

>>>I decided there was a very good chance I had the best hand but it was vunerable and hoped my bet would force 'em to fold.I also like check raising hands like tptk as check raising really big hands ( sets,flopped straights etc) often looks too much like you have the big hand you are representing.

HumitoOOo: Fold
Goodnightwaltz: Fold
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $58.40 Rake $2.10
Mendacity: wins $58.40

This was the other one I took down just before going to bed.

GAME #786493169: Texas Hold'em NL $0.50/$1.00 2008-01-06 03:58:36
Table Quorn
Seat 1: HumitoOOo ($197.18 in chips)
Seat 3: Goodnightwaltz ($140.90 in chips)
Seat 5: 0ne0ut ($100.00 in chips) DEALER
Seat 6: Mendacity ($149.80 in chips)
Seat 8: Barelyl3gal ($102.60 in chips)
Seat 10: kallo1 ($183.75 in chips)
Mendacity: Post SB $0.50
Barelyl3gal: Post BB $1.00
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Mendacity [SK HK]
kallo1: Fold
HumitoOOo: Raise $4.00

>> No surprise to see Humito raising again preflop.

Goodnightwaltz: Fold
0ne0ut: Fold

Mendacity: Call $3.50

>>> Out of position against many players I'd be happy to reraise here, but this villain seemed a bit fishy and was almost guaranteed to continuation bet on any flop.

Barelyl3gal: Fold
*** FLOP *** [H4 D9 HJ]
Mendacity: Check
HumitoOOo: Bet $7.00

>> standard c-bet as expected.

Mendacity: Raise $18.00

>> Happy to take it down now or build the pot as I'm fairly sure my hand is good.

HumitoOOo: Call $11.00

*** TURN *** [H10]
Mendacity: Bet $40.00

>> I've no reason to put Humito on the flush draw but I could quite easily have been checkraising such a draw myself and as I now have an overpair to the board and the King high flush draw,I'm betting to take it down now.

HumitoOOo: Call $40.00
*** RIVER *** [H7]
Mendacity: Allin $87.80

>> Was unsure of this shove afterwards, but I reckoned he was bad enough to call with many lower flushes than my King highone.I was happy when he folded and the chips came my way.

HumitoOOo: Fold
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $209.80 Rake $3.00
Mendacity: wins $209.80

After that hand I even managed to resist my "last hand/orbit syndrome" leak and went straight to bed!

Ok,off to drop Nacho off,get my dinner in and play the Bloggerment....

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At Saturday, 19 January, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm humitoOOo :p

For the second hand, sad the 4th heart fall on the river without double the board. For Information, i had 44. ^-^

I hope you good luck like there for the future. ;)


At Saturday, 19 January, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's again me, HumitoOOo :P

I wanted to know why you thought i'm a fish.

We only play 1 session together, 52 hands to be exact.

And the only hand which could make you think that, is when i call a raise OOP on the flop for 30$ in a pot of 80$, and fold to the all-in of 70$ on the turn. In fact, i was optimist with my OESD because i counted on the implicit odd. With it , i had exacty the odd. but that's true i won't have the whole stack of my opponent every time.
So i shouldn't have called a such thin odd situation.

But i'm happy my "mad-raiser" style made you think so fast i'm a fish (althought maybe it's true ^-^)


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