Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bloggerment 39 open!

All welcome!

Bodog are also running an online poker tournament for poker bloggers on a Tuesday night at 9.05pm Eastern Time.( 2am Wed for us Brits).

Yesterday I watched Rangers beat Hearts 2-1 at Ibrox after their dodgy goalkeeper fumbled one into the net with less than ten minutes left.Everytime the guy touched the ball from then on there was a loud chorus of "Hee Haw" which reminded me of the poker tables...

After picking Nacho up, my cousin popped round just as I was having dinner and ended up staying to watch the Spanish fitba and have a couple of beers.

The moment he left I was on the IM chat thing and after Rosie went off to bed I played three $16 turbos and managed to win two of them.

Feeling good,I fired up a couple of $27 ,18 player turbos and came back to reality when I got my money in with AK v AQ on a K Q 7 rainbow flop, only for another Queen to hit on the river.In the other game I battled hard and made it down to the last seven.One guy had been playing table captain, but to be fair he was a shark and knew what he was doing.I did wish he'd stop educating the fish though!

I'm usually wary when an excellent player raises ( tight range ) but it had folded to this guy ( roberts34) in the small blind and he shoved v my big blind.I had 88,considered that he was likely to be shoving any two, ( we were both shortish stacks) and made the call, only to go out when his 107c hit the board.

There were certainly a few more good players in the two $27's I played in, but there were also still a load of donks and although I crashed out of both,I felt my decision making was ok.( which is all that counts really)

I should probably have gone to bed at that point, however I felt the cash tables calling and unfortunately for me two of my biggest poker leaks came to the fore and cost me big time.Good old "last hand ( or orbit) syndrome", where I always seem to get greedy and want to force things right at the end of a session, combined with " playing a cash table in turbo tourney mode" syndrome.

I had AQ at a $400nl table ( thought I'd take a wee shot for my last 15 mins of the night)and raised it up to $14 when folded to me.I hadn't been at the table long but had been very tight until then.I was reraised to $46 and altouugh I don't like AQ I felt the villain had been three-betting quite frequently and decided to flat call.As I'd been tight I also felt there was even more reason for the villain to 3-bet there and try and take the pot away from me.

On reflection later, I feel a 4-bet raise to $160-$200 may have been the best play as that way I would have truly followed my instinct that the villain wasn't on very big pair and he would probably have folded.

Bottom line was that the flop came Ace high and I ( cringe!) ended up losing a buy-in to AK.( both of us all in with our monster top pair!).

That was probably the biggest cash game pot I've lost in a long time ,but I still slept like a baby last night and I'm not feeling that sick about it today in all honesty.I won about $1k last month and have to be prepared for setbacks if I want to be playing $100nl and above more often.

I usually managed to mix tourney and cash play quite well with no ill effects.From now on I'll look more closely at sticking to one type of poker per night especially if taking a shot.

Ok,just about to take Nacho up the road and give Step A a lift back from her Dads too and then it's fitba and poker for me....

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At Sunday, 16 December, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Acorn, if you have been playing tight then he is less likely to 3 bet you with a poor hand as he will put you on a tighter range of hands. If you have a higher pfr (say 20%) then you will be 3 bet with a wider range. AQ is a bad hand to call a 3 bet with as you really don't know where you are if you hit the Ace or the Queen, since AK, AA and KK are cuh a big part of people's 3 betting range.

At Monday, 17 December, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take your point on him being less likely to 3 bet light as I'd been tight but he did only have AK and I still reckon a reraise may still have forced him to fold.

Folding or reraising ok with me but flat calling was certainly the poorest ( donkey) choice.

Thanks for the input mate.

At Monday, 24 December, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Much Love


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