Thursday, December 13, 2007

Blind bubble

Last night Rangers managed to lose 3-0 to Lyon and crash out of the Champions league,landing in the Uefa cup.We looked outclassed during the first half and despite rallying well at the start of the second,we probably didn't deserve the point required to qualify.Of course when Lyon were 1-0 up, our striker ,Darcheville,hit the crossbar from about 2 yards out!I left the game feeling gutted and being stuck in traffic for over an hour didn't help either.

After listening to some Floyd,I fired up the IM and chatted to Rosie and Mr Edge.Rosie was at her 2nd mtt final table of the day and played very well indeed to come 8th.Meanwhile Mr Edge and I decided to copy Annette_15 and play a sng without looking at our cards.

We fired up a $1 standard speed sng and the fun began.I saw the first couple of hands as it took a while to get my post-it notes placed correctly.I then got very lucky when I raised with Q10 ( obviously didn't know it was q10) and the flop brought two tens.The villain bet into me and I shoved,expecting an early exit.

That nearly doubled my stack and the fish were knocking each other out so quickly I could probably have folded to the money.I got a little bored of that idea and was caught when I raised with J8 and lost half of my stack.

Mr Edge ( after shoving with 34 off) had gone out and I was trying to stay afloat on the bubble by shoving on the other shortstacks big blind, and betting if folded to me.The problem was that when I was called ,I had no idea where I was in the hand postflop.

Eventually I shoved with j7 and was called by Q4 ( gotta love $1 sngs) and bubbled but I did really enjoy the experience.Reraising someone off a hand when you don't know what you have is very satisfying!

Tonight I'm going to be looking after Step A and watching some more Cardrunners videos.I wasn't in bed until about 2.20am last night and I can't wait to get a lie in at the weekend and catch up on some much needed sleep.

Ok,back soon...

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