Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday at last....

Looking after Step A on Wed night brightened my mood as she was on good form.I managed to pick up a wireless signal on my old laptop and we had good laugh looks at clips of Glasgow neds on youtube.

Last night I ate my rather bland chicken fajita ready made meal and hit the turbo sng’s about 9.30.I can play four tables at a time but I’m far more comfortable with three and I managed to rattle through about 12 of them,managing three second places,a couple of thirds and a fourth in between the usual suckouts.

My perception is that I’ve had a terrible time at these turbos over the last month but according to Sharkscope I’ve actually made $666 over 117 games and have even earned a wee shark next to my name.( wee shark is only over the 117 games)

I’ve still only played 606 games in total and will need to have nearer 2000 under my belt before the stats can truly mean anything though.

I don’t have any specific goals for my fourth year of online poker but I have to decided to aim to at least double last years $4.7k profit and try and hit $10k if possible.I’ve played only 350 turbo sng’s over the last 6 months and I reckon if I can keep 3-4 tabling I’ll be able to increase my number of games played/profit quite dramatically over the next year.

My play is quite robotic in these games, although I still don’t have a set strategy for how I play each hand as it often depends on the villains I’m facing.

I now feel quite confident in my $16 turbo ,18 player tourney games and also at $50nl and $100nl cash games.The main areas for improvement are in standard speed sngs and Mtt's and in truth I'm too much of an action junkie to bother too much about them at the moment.Perhaps I'll take a shot at some bigger buy-in Mtt's as I just don't have the motivation to spend hours on $5-$10 games which can take hours for very little reward.

I took the bus in this morning as I have my work night out tonight.I must not do an Al Eleven ( aka San Jose Salmon,Miami Trout) and come home and play expensive drunken poker! I've not had a drink since our last home game at the s-mans and will probably be well steamin' early doors this evening.I've not got really drunk since I split from the ex and I just hope I don't go all emotional and do all that "texting the ex" stuff.

I may be home for 9-ish or I may take the night bus home.Taking the night bus from George square is an experience in it's own right.From guitar playing sing-a-longs to avoiding eye contact with the pished up neds ,it's all good fun...

Football tomorrow before picking Nacho up,coming home and hittin the tables....

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At Friday, 30 November, 2007, Blogger dD said...

have a great nite oot !!

when you get home, pished, let me know and i'll join u on the virtual felt ... always fun to play with drunks ! he he he :)



At Friday, 30 November, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ffs, 'i may be home about 9-ish'!

Sounds like a right night oot ye wimp...



At Friday, 30 November, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

7 beers n feelin' good.Wheres that Ivey bassa for some HU play????


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