Sunday, November 18, 2007

So near ,yet so far...

My cousin came over last night to watch Scotland fall at the final qualifying hurdle as we went down 2-1 to an injury time Italian winner.We were a bit lucky at times as Fergusons equaliser looked offside and the Italians also had a good goal ruled offside but the freekick the referee gave which led to their winner was a joke by any standard.The only bright spot is that our fine recent performances mean we should ( in theory) get an easier draw for World Cup qualification.Roll on!

What else has been going on? Well the ex Mrs A called last night at 3.30am to say she has smashed up the living room and felt like she was cracking up in sheer frustration and anger at the her neighbour "getting away" with torching her car the other week.I was seriously worried about her doing something silly and spent ages trying to persuade her that she has Step A and the scum next door are not worth landing in jail for.Any good revenge ideas welcome though!

At least the ex was warm.I met my neighbour ( from across the landing)and she was telling me she ( and her man) were away camping this weekend.You can't beat camping in Scotland in November when the temp averages 1-3c during the night.Mad? As a box of frogs I reckon!

On the poker front I've played a load of $16 turbos and although my last four have been cashless,my roi is now 17% ( after 541 games) and I'm now bordering on making $3 per game profit instead of $2.The world of the high stakes sng player eh!
I think I won one and came 2nd twice in between a load of no-shows.I also managed to persuade Juice to play a $16 and he played a fine game to take it down.

In my last turbo I picked up 52 in the big blind and suffered a bit of a cooler when I lost to a flopped flush on a 5c 2c 8c flop.( money in on that flop)

I headed for the cash tables and decided to have another go at $200nl at 365.I fired up two tables and both were quite aggressive and a bit fishy.Some of the play seemed more suited to my early $25nl days but I just couldn't catch a break as I missed every flop and had every contination bet reraised.I even folded 33 to a raise and reraise ( in case orginal raiser raised again) and watched two villains create a $400 pot with high pairs on a ragged 3 5 9 flop.

My losses were now mounting ( about a buy-in in total) and time was marching on past 4.30am when I picked up KK at one particularly wild table.I'd love to say I used my superior skill and hand reading abilities to gradually claw my way out of trouble but in reality I got very lucky with those Kings.I could get used to winning hands which would cover my monthly car payment though!

Next weeks plans include hopefully getting a game of badminton organised with s-man and winning more money at the pokey tables.I've decided to update my stats at the end of every month rather than every two weeks, as this will hopefully help me keep my focus on making the right decisions instead of getting hung up on short-term results.

Ok,I'm off to walk Nacho and drop him off before coming back to play in the final RTR forum game and of course the Bloggerment at 9pm....

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At Sunday, 18 November, 2007, Blogger Juice said...

how do you know its the next door neighbour who torched the car? Do you know why they did it?

At Sunday, 18 November, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

It's complicated but basically my ex is friends with woman 3 doors along ( who also had her car torched)and she is friends with woman across road who next door think called social services because next door drinks and leaves her kids alone.

It's 100% sure who it is.It's just whether or not the police can prove it.

At Sunday, 18 November, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that hand was a belter, ya jammy git !!

and as for cloudTroll's comment ... i am, of course, the good lookin burd :)

one day i will stop playing pokes for recreation and come swim in your pond ... dont hold yer breath tho *)




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