Friday, November 09, 2007

Fri update...

After work last night I went for dinner with my Mum and Dad to the Auldhouse Arms and enjoyed the best steak pie in Scotland.

I picked Nacho up afterwards and was saddened by the sight of seeing the wee Fiesta I bought for the ex sitting burned out on the driveway.She has been making payments weekly towards it, and although I should get a cheque from the insurance company, I feel a bit gutted too as I took a lot of time to find it, and as far as £700 cars go,it was a real wee cracker.The police apparently have the petrol container used, so hopefully they can find some dna and match it to the scum that did this.

I arrived home about 9-ish and after taking my boy for a walk,I read some blogs and watched another poker training video.Since I signed up for cardrunners I’ve ramped up my preflop aggression and I’m also a bit less scared of running into monsters.I sat down at a 6 max $100nl table and after calling a raise with QJ ( from the button) I reraised the preflop raiser on a K Q 6 ragged board and took down a nice wee pot.

I also called a min raise at Party with 76 soooted and called the flop continuation bet from the villain with only a gutshot and a back door flush draw.I wouldn’t make that play every time, but the villain had just lost a big pot, ( and berated the fish who got lucky) which meant I was almost certain I’d get his stack if I hit.The turn brought me the beautifully disguised straight and the villain called my river push with JJ.

I went to bed up about $90 and feeling quite good about my play.I felt even better when I checked the rear view mirror this morning and a really hot blonde in the car behind was smiling seductively at me.At least I thought she was smiling at me until I realised she was actually grinning at the antics of Nacho in the back….

Ok,thanks for reading.Don’t forget to register for the Bloggerment on Stars…..

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At Friday, 09 November, 2007, Blogger Rosie said...

Sorry about the car, A.. but wow, the best steak pie in Scotland. Thats somewhere I want to eat tonight!

At Friday, 09 November, 2007, Blogger Smoothplease said...

Bad news about the motor mate,i admire your optimism regarding the old bill doing anything about it!!
Sorry to see the result midweek as well,not as sorry as Monsieur Henry if he ever ventures up your neck of the woods no doubt!! Keep up the gd work on the tables.

At Saturday, 10 November, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Thanks stickystebeebut I've had to delete your comment as it's still too much like spam for my liking!

Cheers Rosie n Stp.It is a shame about the car but hopefully the insurance will pay up!

I don't have too much faith in the polis Stp but I reckon if it was some junkie with a record then hopefully a dna match from the petrol container shouldn't be too hard to come by...!

At Saturday, 10 November, 2007, Blogger The Edge said...

Did you take a photo of the steak pie?

The best one I've had this year is from a shop called Chadwicks near me. Scotland is a bit far to go for a steak pie.;{

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