Monday, November 05, 2007

Donkey tale

I watched a ton of football yesterday,dropped Nacho off and then hit the tables,playing two $16 turbos ( 18 player) and winning one of them.

At 9pm I began playing the Bloggerment and the DTD game and never really got into my stride in either.I did managed to suck out on Dudley’s Queens with my 99 but I was far from playing my best game and went out of both games after making poor calls.In the DTD game I think I reraised with AK and then called an all in versus AA and in the Bloggerment I called a raise and reraise with 1010 and failed to improve v QQ and AA.

I wasn’t really enjoying trying to keep up with the subtleties of play in both games although the chat was a good laugh as usual.I didn’t see who won the DTD game but congrats to Rob at poker4ever beating a tough opponent ( Matty) heads-up to win his first Bloggerment.

I played one more $16 with Juice and Al Eleven ( Juice made money in 4th) before finishing with a wee $5 sng at Full Tilt.Rosie went out of that one quite early ( after zooming into the top 10 of an mtt at the same time) and Juice missed the boat when registering.My heart wasn’t really in it and I was reduced to 300 chips after a daft call with 33.This seemed to motivate me and I ramped up the aggression and came back to take 2nd for a $7 profit.

The glory should be enough, but I actually wonder if my slack attitude in the $5 Bloggerment and DTD game were due to me having just won $108 in the $16 turbo I mentioned earlier.

On the life front last week was a bad week and I was feeling quite down and cheesed off for most of it.Mind you my Monday morning began with my boss in her new seat next to me.Tactics have been devised for that one.Plenty of baked beans and garlic chicken kievs etc will hopefully encourage a move!

I mentioned still feeling some sense of loyalty to the ex despite splitting over four months ago.Well when I picked Nacho up on Sat ( she was out) she had washed and left a tea-towel of mine out for me to take home.( my favourite “Wha’s like us “ towel). That seems to have been just the jolt I needed to snap me back to reality and I feel as if I have now moved on a bit more in my mind.

Righty I've just finished a big smelly garlicy chicken curry.Time to watch some footy and hit the tables...

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At Monday, 05 November, 2007, Anonymous Rob said...

ty acorn, i really enjoyed the game and the conversations, just joined the raise the river site, so hopefully can keep up to date with a few of my new poker freinds, was blessed with the hands i got espcially Ak, which i had about 90 times and only lost twice with, some tough oppposition but i 'ONLY PLAY QUALITY BABY!' so respect my raises - you've been warned!

At Monday, 05 November, 2007, Blogger BurnleyMik said...

I took the DTD game down Acorn!

Congrats on the SnG success and in the bloggerment it was just one of those nights for you I guess.

We moving the bloggerment forward 30mins/1 hr next week to help the guys who prefer not to multi-table?

At Monday, 05 November, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

No probs Rob,you played well!

Next week though I'm ditching the donkey ears so be warned!

Nice one BM! Congrats Mate!

Why dont we try an 8pm start as we have all week to let everyone know it's an early kick off.Mind you if I play like last week an 8.55pm start time will suit me just fine!


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