Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bounty hunters

On Sunday evening I came 8th in the Forum game after running 99 into 1010 and 3rd in the Bloggerment after not being able to lay down 33 to Cogs reraise.I was fairly sure he had me beaten but as it was 3-handed I convinced myself it would probably be a race and of course I ran straight into AA.

Congrats to HullJimi for taking it down and to Kenn for beating the Raisetheriver players and two pro’s including Simon “Aces” Trumper to take down the forum game.Fair play to Simon and the other pro Paul “action” Jackson for turning out and doubling the bounties on themselves after last weeks no-show.

Yesterday though, was simply a dreadful day.It began when I arrived at work to find my boss has moved to the seat next to mine. I managed to move my pc screen round a bit, but jeez it’s a pain.We have a lad up from Norwich to help with the new IT system and he said he supports celtc aswell as Arsenal.He wore his celtc top yesterday and I joked with him that he’d was too early to be dressing as a tramp ( vagrant) for Halloween.He laughed ( we’ve been firing banter back and forth for weeks) but my boss interrupted to say how that could be seen as being offensive.How about you mind your own feckin' business in future!

Between a new system I can’t work and the new seating arrangement,I’m feeling my stress levels rise and a trip to the Docs may be in order soon.( another manager had just been signed off for two weeks due to stress)

I picked up a tv stand and new vacuum cleaner on the way home before nearly crashing the car.I then picked up Nacho and fell out with him after he refused to give his ball back at the end of his walk! ( we made up soon afterwards!)

I do at least have a new girlfriend ,but I’m not sure it’ll last, as I hadn’t met her before she shouted “there’s ma boyfriend,hello sexy” as I walked past a group of neds/chavs last night on the way to get my sausage supper.As I walked back past them with my dinner I’m sure ( despite the s-mans slanderous slurs) I heard her say “ and he has such a fine head of hair too”….

Still no word back from two emails sent to Sngicons enquiring about gift certificates.They seem like a smaller outfit then pxf and cardrunners and perhaps the email contact is away just now, but the bottom line is that they’ve not replied to a potential customer and despite their site looking good ,I think it’s time to look elsewhere.

Back to the poker and I went 0/4 in $16 turbos on Sunday night.Last night I only played one 18 player turbo as I was in a seriously stonkingly bad mood and probably shouldn’t have been playing at all.I got lucky once and also resucked a King on the river with AK V A10 after a ten had flopped.I went on to take down the $108 first prize...which was nice.

Ok,thanks for reading...

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At Tuesday, 30 October, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wtf ???

slander ! enquiry ! lies !

who ? i say who ? ah say who ?

... who really took out paul"action"jackson ...

the masses deserve to know the truth, damnit ...

At Wednesday, 31 October, 2007, Blogger weegem said...

mmmmmm, sausage suppper (drool)

At Wednesday, 31 October, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Thanks for asking anon.T'was some lucky fishy who took Paul Jackson out...so I heard!

Aye weegem ,with extra salt n vinegar!


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