Saturday, October 20, 2007

So f*ckin' easy!!

Oh that was so f*ckin' easy! 3-0 to the Rangers today v celtc, with the Nacho man scoring two ( see photos above) and Ferguson banging in the other.It should have been four ( which would have taken us top of the league on goal difference) but one was wrongly ruled to be offside.

We were easily the best side today and thoroughly deserved the win.I was also amused by the celtc supporters banner celebrating a 7-1 win over us in 1957, because at halftime the Gers support unveiled one about three times the size informing them of our 8-1 win over them in 1943!! They may try and claim it was during WW2 and doesn't count, but they count the goal scored by their player that day in their official records so it'll do for me!!

I paid £50 to get another 256ram added to my laptop and it does seemed to have sped things up a little,though I still can't get Pokertracker to work when I'm actually playing.I may try deleting it and starting again.

Last night after ex Mrs A had cleaned the flat and I'd dropped her off,I began by playing in the Raisetheriver tag team game.I missed the first level and ended 5th overall but the chatbox buzzing and I really enjoyed myself.

I watched another cardrunners vid afterwards and hit up a couple of $200nl cash tables,finishing about even after an hours play.I even joined a juicy $2-$4 nl 8 max table at 365 but never found the right spots to make much profit.

I was very tempted by Kats donakement at 2am, but as it's a rebuy for the first hour and I had to be up early today, I gave it a miss.

I'm just back after taking Nacho for a long run ( he ran,I strolled!)and tonight I'm going to enjoy the rerun of the Old Firm game.

Big thanks to BM for the pxf info.Looks like my sis and I are going to split the cost and buy it for my Mums birthday!

Ok,I'm off to try and get my voice back after the game today....

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At Sunday, 21 October, 2007, Anonymous burnleymik said...

Congrats to Rangers in the Old Firm Game mate. Thats a great time to get that win.

No probs with the pxf stuff and I agree that tag team game banter was funny as foook!

Anyway, cya at the tables tonight mate.

At Sunday, 21 October, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Cheers BM.Now we've got the small matter of Barcelona at home on Tues!
Cya tonight mate.


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